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The Man in the Massage Parlour

I used to go to the massage parlor for a long time. I loved to go there. I am a woman and getting the touch of men gives me satisfaction. I don’t know how to explain this but each time, I go to the massage parlor, I started to have sex with that massage guy....

The Day I Gave My Virginity

Being a girl, it is hard to express my own sexual desire. No, not as a girl because I am a grown-up woman now, my sexual desires are more than a normal girl. It is 25 years since I was born and till now I haven’t had someone to give my virginity. Using dildos...

The Charming Client

I am a massager and working for a massage parlor. I am a 27 years old man. To be honest I was not happy with my job until yesterday. To be specific, I am a masseuse who massages people without checking their genders. But people who called me to get a good stretch on...

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