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I used to go to the massage parlor for a long time. I loved to go there. I am a woman and getting the touch of men gives me satisfaction. I don’t know how to explain this but each time, I go to the massage parlor, I started to have sex with that massage guy. Their treatment and their touch with oily hands starting from my boobs to butts, give me huge fun. The story which I am going to share with you is my favorite one. Because this is the first time I ever had a massage hand job. 

My friends gave me the recommendation to go to the parlor. The parlor is famous for giving a nude massage. They always talked about the handsome and strong men over there. So I got excited to go and have fun. But it was never that easy. For the first time, losing my virginity over an unknown guy was difficult. But I made up my mind to be there. When I reached, I blinked through the window and saw a man giving a beautiful massage to a woman who was fully naked and laying on the bed. I saw how carefully they were squeezing the tits and butts of the woman. It gave me a heartbeat. 

massage handjob

I was surprised by seeing the control power of that woman. When my turn came, I went there fully naked. The man didn’t give me a look for once. It triggered my attitude. But without any talk, I straightened my muscles on the bed. I have some huge tits, I knew. When he started to put oil on my chest, his hard hands gave me a jerk inside the body. I felt his hands throughout my body. He started to oil my breast and belly. Then he massaged the portion properly. He realized that I was getting excited because my legs were shaking and my hands were in my vagina in the meantime.

I was surprised when he pulled my hands from the vagina and said he would take care of that. After saying that he pushed his fingers in my vagina. I screamed literally. He started to give me a great massage hand job. I squirted in his face. It was such a warm feeling. I shouted at him to fuck me up. He laughed and put out his penis. I saw his penis was so big and hard. I started to squeeze it and gave him a blowjob. Then I sat in an upside-down manner and asked him to fuck me harder in the doggy style. When he put his huge dick into my pussy, I felt so much joy. 

I moaned loudly. He didn’t stop until he came into me. After doing the doggy style, we started missionary position sex. He was so manly that in his smile, in his dick, and through his aura, it expressed. The man with a little bit of attitude and this much manly power is surely lovable. Now I am a regular customer of them. When I entered, probably everyone could hear my moaning. I love to have sex in this massage parlor.

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