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Being a girl, it is hard to express my own sexual desire. No, not as a girl because I am a grown-up woman now, my sexual desires are more than a normal girl. It is 25 years since I was born and till now I haven’t had someone to give my virginity. Using dildos and vibrators are not enough for a woman to gain sexual satisfaction. But finally, that day, while I was giving that man a massage handjob, I finally realized why a real man can satisfy me. 

For the past 3 years, I have been working in a massage parlor. Starting from man to woman and child to old, everyone loves my massage. I love my profession because the salary is enough for my single life. One other reason is also there. Every night, I sleep on my bed nakedly. Before going to bed I see myself in front of my mirror. I touch my boobs and slowly go down. If I accidentally touched someone’s dick (though it was never an accident) while massaging then I try to remember it. It helps me to masturbate.

Massage Handjob 

That day, when the man came I was stunned by his figure. There was an attraction in his eyes. Later I realized how manly he was. I asked him to lay down on the bed. Generally, whoever comes into my parlor, they at least put one piece of cloth to hide their private organs. But that man didn’t use any and his cock was straight all the time. I couldn’t resist looking at it. I asked him to put something on it, but he gave me a killer smile.


I started to massage him from the neck. But my eyes were all the time on his dick. He had a gigantic dick. His muscles were visible while I was massaging him. When I was massaging in the lower part of his body then accidentally I touched his dick. It was so hard that at once I felt wet in my pussy. I knew I had to go to the bathroom and masturbate at once. While I was going to the bathroom I felt someone was holding my hand tight. It was him. He held my face and kissed me. I understood where it was going on. Then I touched his dick and saw his dick was wet in semen. I lost control of myself. Such a manly dick was waiting for me to suck. I never had a massage handjob. But this time because of my massage someone got wet. 

I gave him a good handjob. He masturbated. But his cock woke up again. I climbed on him and forcefully pushed his dick in my pussy. When I was giving him a handjob, I already undressed and started to masturbate by using my fingers. I was about to ejaculate. At that moment he started fucking me harder. I squirted it soon. He also left his sperm inside me. It was a lovely journey, riding on his hard cock. I was feeling so good that day by giving my virginity to such a man.

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