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I am a massager and working for a massage parlor. I am a 27 years old man. To be honest I was not happy with my job until yesterday. To be specific, I am a masseuse who massages people without checking their genders. But people who called me to get a good stretch on their muscles, never forget me. Because of me, so many people have cured muscle pain disease. But yesterday, that was the first time when someone satisfied me.

The Charming Lady on The Bed

Usually, I do topless massage, It is mentioned in my professional qualification. So who calls me, may know about that. I have done lots of topless massages till now including girls and women. But I have huge control over my nerves. 

Toples Massage

Yesterday, I was called to do another topless massage. I got angry because I had to wait almost 30 minutes in front of her door. Generally, I never talk too much with my clients, I focus on my job only. When the door opened I saw a young, gorgeous lady come in front of me in towels. I understood the reason for her being late by seeing her wet hair. She invited me in, in a rude voice. When I reached the room, she uncovered her towels and started to come towards me in naked. I ignored it. Ignorance triggered her. Though her boobs were very big and seducing. Her vagina and butts were attractive. She stretched her muscles on the bed. 

I started putting oil on her full body. This was the time when she triggered me. When I was putting oil on her butt and the area of anus and pussy she started to hit my dick softly with her foot. After putting oil on her butt I started to squeeze her butt hard. She started moaning in satisfaction. It was not new to me. After several times, she started to hit my dick again.

What Happened Next?

Now in anger, I pushed my finger on her butt hole and pussy. She was trying to be angry with me but the experienced hands started to give her ultimate satisfaction. I realized that my massage turned her on and several attempts on her pussy, she squirted. She lost control of herself. She pulled me towards her and unzipped my pants. She started to suck my dick. Because of the oil, her body, her butts, her pussy, and her nipples started to shine in the light of the room. 

I put my dick on her vagina. It started to go in without any friction because oil was there. The oil gave us a huge comfort. This time I pulled her off and started to fuck her. The rage which was born in me after meeting her, it started to come out. Her big butts touched my body each time I fucked her. That sensation was amazing. I ejaculated with her. She felt good because her face was so calm. We kissed each other and then started again. The day went well.

When I left her place in the afternoon, suddenly I started to love my job. And now, at least 4 days in a week, my service is assigned to her place. 

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