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We Ask Her Why She Set Up Hidden Cams

I have a hidden cam set up in my bedroom and my living room. You can probably find them on Voyeur Villa. I figured I’d take the time to explain why I set them up and why they’ve made my sex life much better. I’ve been married for a few years and never really thought it would lead to me having less sex. I used to love banging my wife when we were dating. She was a crazy girl in bed and I loved making her squeal. I figured that marrying her would mean that the sex would only get better, but I was dead wrong.

The sex got boring

The problem was that we were always together. We got used to the things that we did to each other. We’d have sex, but it was never as good as it was when we were dating. I guess it’s partially my fault. I stopped trying as hard as I used to. I figured I already had her, so I didn’t have to impress her as much. After the sex got boring, it just kind of stopped. I felt like all of my wife’s sexuality just left her. We’d go for months without fucking and I started to wonder why she was never just getting horny anymore. That’s what led me to setting up the hidden cams. I had to see what my wife was doing all day while I was at work.

She was still plenty horny

What I learned practically crushed me. She wasn’t suddenly just never horny, she was always horny. My wife was masturbating all day long while I was at work. Then I’d get home and she’d be all fucked out. Seeing how often she was fucking herself, her pussy was probably too sore for me to touch it. It wasn’t until I got a look at her computer that I figured it all out.

She was masturbating on cam

I was assuming that she was just watching porn on her computer while she was masturbating all day. Then I caught her cumming really hard one day and her laptop fell over. I got a look at her screen and she was never watching porn. What she was doing was masturbating on cam for people. It made me rethink our entire relationship. I never caught on to how much she liked to perform for me. My wife was an exhibitionist and the boring sex led her to having to show herself off to strangers to cum.

I used it to my advantage

It was that night that I decided to change our lives around. I marched right into the house after work and pointed out the hidden cameras to her. I told her that I was going to broadcast them all over the internet and show the world what she was doing all day long. I could tell it was a good idea. That woman jumped on top of me and fucked my brains out in front of the cameras and she hasn’t stopped since.

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