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My parents got separated in 2015 and the last December my dad told me he was dating somebody, it was a surprise for me because he is shy and I didn ' t expect him dating once again, but the weirdest thing is that I got stunned when I fulfilled her since she is much younger than him and she is truly quite and hot. My daddy is 49 and she is32 Honestly I didn ' t expect that my dad could have a sweetheart that hot, not since he ' s ugly because he ' s not and he exercise a lot, but i never ever had seen him talking or flirting to a female, he is really shy, a minimum of when he is when me and my mom, but my father amazed me with that lady. The point is that I visited him on Christmas and she was there, honestly I didn ' t understand what type of relationship they had however I thought They didn ' t make love however I was incorrect, I remained that night and I listened to them making love and I was curious and I carefully glimpsed his space and It was not completely closed and through the mirror I saw that they were making love in doggy style. I just stayed just a couple of seconds but wow she has an extremely sexy body, Sincerity I put on ' t comprehend how they met each other, but I ' m a little envious since what a sexy female my dad is fucking … I don ' t think he misses my mother. haha

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