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I had to travel for work a few months ago. It was going to be the longest that I had ever gone without seeing my wife. I knew that I was going to miss her a lot. That’s why I made the decision to set up hidden cameras all over the house. I told her I did it, but I didn’t tell her where they were. I told her that I just wanted to be able to pop in and see her doing all of the normal things that we do together. I never could have imagined what she had in store for me.

She tried to find them

The first few nights I was gone, I popped in and saw her looking around for the cameras. I just couldn’t stop myself from calling her and letting her know that she was never going to find them. That’s when things started to take a turn. She told me that if I wouldn’t tell her where they were, she’d just have to imagine that she was in front of one. That was when she started moaning in my ear. She told me all of the filthy things she was doing to herself and that she just wished that I could see her doing it for me.

She didn’t stop for a single night

Every single night while I was gone, I’d open the cameras and watch her. She put on a show for me in every single room in the house. I was able to watch most of them, but sometimes I could only hear her moaning my name and cumming hard in a different room. She wanted to make sure I was entertained while I was away and she certainly made it happen for me.

The cameras are still up

We fucked like crazy when I got back and that was when she told me that she wanted the cameras to stay up. She loved being watched, it turned out. She loved it so much that she begged me to put them up online so other people could watch us. I couldn’t say no to her at that point. Now all of those cameras are up on Voyeur Villa for anyone to enjoy. Sometimes I’m having sex with her and sometimes she’s having sex with herself. Either way, it’s always amazing and she fucking loves it.

Hidden Cam Watching Us Have Sex

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