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I decided to throw a party for my wife a few months ago. I invited all of her friends to make sure she had a great time. I also made sure to set up a hidden cam in the bathroom before it all started. I had a running theory and I really wanted to see if I was right. I knew there was going to be plenty of alcohol and I just had to see what was going on in the bathroom. I knew from past parties that the girls would all start to disappear for extended periods of time as the party wore on and the alcohol got drunk. I saw more than I ever though was possibly.

Each and every girl was horny

I always thought that the women at these parties were as horny as they could be by the time it was all over. It was just the way they were moving and talking. I started to imagine them all running home to call their fuck buddies and get themselves taken care of as soon as it was all over. I was shocked at just how many of these women were just taking care of themselves while the party was still going on.

They all used the bathroom. Every single of them would go to the bathroom a few time during the party. It was the next day when I was looking at the bathroom cam that I saw what they were doing. Every one of her friends was walking into the bathroom, pulling down her panties, and gong to town on herself in there. They’d all spread their legs wide and masturbate like their lives depended on it. Then they’d just pull up their clothes and head right back to the party. Then the next woman would come in and do the exact same thing. I’ve always known that drunk women are crazy horny, but I never knew how often or violently they all masturbated in other people’s houses.
Me At Sex Party
See it for yourself

You can see what women really get up top in the bathroom right now. There are plenty of cams set up and I always make sure to throw parties whenever I can. I feel it’s my responsibility to show the world what girls are really like. The next time a woman turns you down for sex at a party, just keep her away from the bathroom and she’ll have no choice but to let you take care of her.

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