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Exhibitionist Showing Feet In Car

I’m an exhibitionist and I always will be I just love doing it. I love getting guys’ attention out on the street. I love to push the boundaries of what women are allowed to do in public. I already get plenty of attention when I’m on Voyeur Villa, but I can’t be on it all day long. I have to go to work and run errands. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to be watched, though. I’ve come up with a few different things to scratch my exhibitionist itch while I’m out and about.

I never wear panties

The very first thing I do is make sure I never wear panties when I’m out. I know that it’s nothing crazy and there are plenty of other women who just don’t wear them in general. I like to take it all a step further, though. I love to wear really short skirts when I go out. I just know that I’m giving plenty of guys a good eyeful when I bend over or get caught in the wind. A little flap here and there and I know that I’m getting someone to fantasize about me as soon as he gets home.

I never wear a bra

I’m blessed with great boobs. I know that all women aren’t, so I feel it’s my duty to make the most of them. I went shopping one day and just didn’t have a clean bra to wear. I was bent all the way over in an aisle when I looked up to find an 18-year-old guy with a beet-red face and the giant bulge in his pants. It turned out that I was giving him a perfect view of naked tits and I loved it. I haven’t worn a bra ever since.

I touch myself in the car

Walking around all day long and showing myself off just turns me on more than I can handle. When I can actually catch people staring at me, I lose all control. I usually end up touching myself while I drive home at the end. That’s another reason for a short skirt with no panties. I can just slip my fingers underneath and go to town. I know for a fact that strangers watch me cum in traffic all of the time. It’s still nice and hidden, though, so I can’t get myself into trouble.

Being on cam is still the best

Of course, just being on cam at night is the best. I can show myself off as much as I want. I never have to worry about being naked in front of everyone. I know that no one is ever going to complain. I also never have to hide anything when I masturbate. I can spread my legs wide and just go at it. It always leads to much better orgasm and knowing that everyone can really enjoy my body while I do it makes it amazing.

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