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The Coridas Femena or the Cervix Fems is a popular product line for many vaginal enhancement products on the market. The name Coridas is derived from the Greek word “cor”, which mean vagina, and “des”, which means femininity. All of these come together to give women greater pleasure during sexual intercourse.

coridas femeninas

The Coridas Femena is a phallic shaped vaginal prosthetic that is removable. The product is quite easy to insert and removes in a few seconds.

The device itself is a thin tube-like sleeve that contains a raised texture that contours to the body. This contour is molded to accommodate the woman’s internal organs. This contour also increases the g-spot pressure so that an orgasm can be achieved.

A comfortable mesh crotch is also included with the device. This allows it to lie flat on the vaginal wall without causing discomfort. The silicone coated phallus material is also very comfortable and smooth to the touch.

The comfort and comfortable design make it easy to insert and remove the product with ease. Women can change the angle of the prosthetic just by changing the way they hold it in place.

The vacuum appliance inside the device allows for a flaccid fit. The vacuum is needed because the gel filled materials that make up the prosthetic will keep the contour in place until it is used for sex. After it is used for sex, the vacuum will pull the gel out and allow the contour to sit at a comfortable position on the vaginal wall.

The Coridas Femena is made of several layers of flexible gel that mold to the unique contours of the woman’sbody. As the product is removed, this gel will begin to flow into the vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber will keep the contour in place until it is used for sex.

Once it is inserted, the vacuum seal will remain in place for the entire time that the device is being used. It can last as long as you wish for. When the product is not in use, it will separate into its three pieces, which is quick and easy to do.

Women love this great product because it makes it easy to have an orgasm when having sex. Not only will the phallus material help provide g-spot stimulation, but it will also improve blood flow to the vaginal canal, making it easier for a woman to achieve a climax.

Women may not feel as excited about sex as they would like if they do not have this product. It will allow them to experience pleasure while having intercourse. The materials inside are healthy and non-toxic, so they are not harmful to the woman.

Many women use these prosthetic vagina enhancers, even though they are made to fit into the vaginal canal. In some cases, women choose to wear them while wearing intimate apparel such as panties.

It gives the woman the extra “feel” of having a penis inside of her and it is comfortable to wear for most women. If a woman is unhappy with her genitals, she should try using one of these devices because it has been shown to help women who are unsatisfied with their anatomy.

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