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It happened almost 3 months ago. I and my friends were on an excursion in Digha. Our program was for 3 days. It was the last day when I discovered it. While it is out of the town, arrangements for separate rooms are not done properly. The owner of the house had two separate houses in her lawn and one of these was for boys and another one was for girls. There were only three girls in our department. I love to see naked girls when I am in the mood of masturbation but I never thought I would see them in naked condition.

What Happened in the Excursion?

In every room, there were two students. Following this rule, I had to share my room with one of my friends. But I came to know that those three girls had to stay together because there was no room left for one girl. After doing a hard job, I completely tied up and fell asleep within some minutes. A sweet sound wakes me up. I started to understand that it was a sound of moaning. I thought my room partner might be watching porn. But, when I put my eyes on the screen I was surprised. These are my departmental girls. The more surprising thing was, these naked girls were helping each other out in masturbating. 

Naked Girls

First I couldn’t understand what was going on there, but slowly those three started to seduce me. They had such a grown-up figure. The big boobs were enough to give you calm. Those three started to squeeze each other’s tits. One of them started to suck. How their muscles were moving at an instant, it was more like they know what to do next. One lied down on the bed facing towards the ceiling. The second one was licking her vagina like a child who loves ice cream, and the third one was putting a dildo on the second one’s butt. The moaning sounds of all three charming ladies had mesmerized me. 

What Happened Next?

I noticed my friend’s hand was in his pant at the start and he ran into the bathroom to masturbate. My dick was started to get harder, I started to feel warm. They changed their position and each of them lied down on their bed and started to masturbate on their own. The finger on their soft vaginas was slipping and they felt the orgasm. The squeezing legs and the expression of their faces were telling the story. In the end, they all squirted and started to lick each other’s butt and pussy. Such a comforting scene that was, which was giving me another level of peace. I lost control of myself and went to my bathroom to complete my masturbation. 

When I came back from my bathroom, my friend asked me about my opinion on this. At the counter, I asked him how he got the clip. He told me it was a live video. He discovered on the first day that these three girls had made their plan to spend the nights like this. The first day, he used his eyes to have fun but the next day he put hidden sex can in their room. If his hidden camera was not there then I would probably have missed, the glorious masturbating scenes of our department’s girls.

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