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I have lived in a rented house for quite some time. I am a salesman in the profession. Whenever the office orders me to go to some places and sell some products, I do that. The lodging facility is always arranged by them. Every time, our company arranges hotel rooms for the salesman like me. But this time, the place has quite a lack of hotels, so decided to put me in a rented house as a paying guest. The incident happened one month ago when I was there. The spycam porn video I made here, helped me a lot. 

How Was The Family?

After one day of reaching that place, I discovered that something was wrong about that house. My room is separated but in the same compound. Within a short introduction, I had gotten an idea about their family. One old man, his two sons, wife of the elder son, a son of the elder son, and one maid lived in that house. Everyone has a separate house in the compound. The younger boy of the old man used to study in college, so he left almost in the morning. Next, the elder son and his child leave the home for the office and school respectively. 

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Apparently, you won’t get any smell about their relationship. But who has witnessed them closely will know and realize how complicated they are. When I was there, I saw the old man was ill on the first day. The wife of the elder son was so sexy. Every time I saw her, her boobs caught my attention. Those didn’t want to be bound by those bras. She used to wear tight pants in the house which made every body part visible from the outside, even its size. But she is too gentle and too much helpful. Because she was caring about all family members, her sick father in law and even me also. 

What Happened That Day?

That day, when I decided to leave for work, I thought it would be better to have a visit to the old man. No one was in the home. When I reached his door, I heard two voices talking to each other. I stopped and I heard the sound like fapping. I saw through the window and became stunned. The bride was sucking her father in law’s dick. By looking at his face, I understood he is not a good man and a good father. 

In the meantime, the old man was rubbing her tits. I saw tears in her eyes but as well she was enjoying the moment. She undressed and climbed on his lap. He put his hard dick into her soft pussy. Then he started jerking her. I realized that his dick was too hard because it was giving her loud moaning. Continuously jerking gave her a fast orgasm. Her back was in front of me. So I saw how big her hips are. Then they started missionary position sex. The bride came faster than him. Even though she came already two times, the old man showed no intention to stop. It took half an hour to stop himself.

I forgot that I had to go to my clients to sell the product. My dick became hard and wet. So I thought, going to the bathroom, for now, would be best. But when these all happened, I captured it on the button of the spycam. So, now I can enjoy the spy cam porn video in my room. Finally, the product which I was supposed to sell, helped me in my mission.

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