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After enjoying the Live XXX of the old man and the lady, I became turned on. I wanted to record the video with my hidden spy cam. But I forgot to bring it. So I rushed back to my room. When I reached the lawn, I saw that the younger son of the old man had come back from his college. Probably, his college was dismissed or he didn’t feel very well. I just gave him a smile. I came back to my room and collected the hidden cam.

What Did I See When I Came Back to Shoot the Video?

After collecting my hidden spy cam, I returned to that same window. I saw that the old man was fucking her again. She looked pretty tired. But she was enjoying it. It would be her 55th-time cam continuously. The old man probably gave her an anal fuck this time. He ejaculated. He then sat in front of her and started a conversation. The summary of the conversation was, he was feeling tired, so he would go for making another cup of tea and asking the lady that if she was interested to have a cup of tea or not. 

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He left the place and I started to place the camera. But what I saw then, it makes me more surprised. When the old man left, after one minute, the younger son of that old man rushed into the room. Both that tied lady and me were stunned. He was quite angry. He said that he noticed everything through the door. He also said, he has a crush on her from the very beginning and he also wanted to fuck her hard. 

What The Younger Son Did Next?

As soon as, he expressed all his feelings, he started to seduce her. It was his first time, this is why he lacked experience. He opened his pants and put his dick into the butt hole of the lady. She was continuously resisting him but at the end when the hard dick entered her body, her scolding turned into moaning. The boy was so excited that he started jerking from the very beginning. In the meantime, he sometimes rubbed her pussy and squeezed her tits. 

He ejaculated soon. He was excited for a long time. But he again started from the front side and put his dick into her pussy. But she knew what he was capable of. So she told him that she will give him a chance to fuck her but not that time because her father in law was about to come. The boy was squeezing her tits when she said all these things. That time, she squirted by pressing the tits. The boy didn’t stop. After squeezing for a long time, she ejaculated again. Then the boy left the room.

I recorded all these live XXX. It was another wonderful experience for me. I thought that clip was enough, so I went back to my room.

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