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In part 1, you get pretty much idea what kind of family this is. But you won’t believe that was not the only surprising thing about that family. I was so lucky that I recorded those to make a Cam Show for myself. I get the idea of what the old man and the wife of the elder son do when they are alone at home. So, the next day of that incident I dropped my trip to sell products and pretended that I was not at home. A lot of things happened the next day. Here I am putting all of these.

What Happened When All Members of The Family Left?

I knew my Cam Show was about to begin when all left. But I didn’t notice any movement of them. I started thinking that all my plans for mine would be ruined. So I decided to straighten my back on the bed but my eyes were on the window. I saw the old man was going into the storeroom where I never entered before. I thought it was his casual work. But I moved my muscles when I saw the wife of my elder brother was entering that room with a cup of tea. I didn’t expect anything to happen but still, I couldn’t resist myself to peep. 

cam show

I rushed into it without a second thought. And when I peeped through the window I became more stunned. The old man had arranged a BDSM typed room in that short area. He tied her hands with the upper portion of the ceiling. Then he started to play with her body. She started to squeeze her tits. She was enjoying it. He opened her top and bra at once. Those huge tits hanging from her body turned me on. Then he opened her pants. She was not wearing any panties there. Her pussy came out. He started to beat her with a small stick. Here beat means the sensation beating. 

How Was The BDSM Game?

The old man is surely a master of BDSM. He knew all the soft spots to turn on a lady. He continuously touched those places. The moaning of the lady expressed gratitude towards the touches. She was tied in a manner that through the window I saw her sidewise. I realized how big her hips are. The old man then put a butt plug from the drawer and put it into her butt hole. And slapping on her butt was going on since I started peeping. 

Then finally, the old man stood in front of her and opened his pants. I saw his hard dick. He lifted her up in tied condition and put her pussy on his dick. Then the jerking changed the temperature of the room. His dick was so hard and because of a long sensation game, it took some minutes to make her cam. The old man didn’t show any movement to stop. He continuously fucked her. When he got tired, he probably went for water. I thought it would be my best chance to click some photos of that sexy woman there. But I forgot to bring the spycam in a rush. So I came back to my room. I felt my pants were wet. I wished if I would get the opportunity to fuck this awesome lady.

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