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There is a rumour about a hotel that they have hidden sex cam in their rooms. Till now, no proof has come up. The hotel is near the sea and the hotel is specially made for the couples who visit this place for honeymoon purposes. The rumour about this hotel is, the manager of this hotel is characterless and perverted. He takes the video clips of the sex of couples in the room by using hidden sex cam. Due to having a lack of evidence, there was no legal action taken against him. By the way, that pervert, the characterless manager of the hotel, is me.

All was going fine till that day until the new couple came to my hotel. The holiday session is going on. This is why all my rooms were full. But losing a customer might cause a problem, so I gave them one room which was not used for some years. It took some time to clean it. In the meantime, I suggested they put their luggage in a room and take a visit to the sea beach. I didn’t want to lose the customer. Not only it would be a loss but my eyes were stuck on the huge tits of the girl. She was wearing a shirt and jeans but her figure was visible through it.

Hidden Cam Sex

I was lucky because she was the one who first agreed. She wore a bikini and her husband wore short pants. I was looking through my windows at how glorious the figure she had when she was playing volleyball with other girls on the beach. I got the idea. I installed a hidden sex cam in their room. The most interesting thing was, it worked. I was not expecting that it would happen in the night I installed it. The lady was taking a bath while her husband was reading a magazine on the bed. She came from the bathroom in towels. Suddenly, she pulled her husband near and started to kiss him. 

There is nothing happier to see live sex. She opened her towels and I turned on. How a woman gets such juicy tits and an amazing figure. I felt jealous of the guy. He undressed. The lady started to suck his cock. Then he started to grab her breast and pussy. He lifted her and started to apply a finger on her vagina. It was amazing. I felt my dick was also responding to her body. I realized how attractive butt she got while they were doing doggy style sex. They did it until they both came to the peak. I was masturbating by seeing their video. The impact of the video was so amazing that I had put in my collection. They were in my hotel for 7 days and every day they had done sex in different styles.

After 7 days when they decided to leave, I gave them a special discount. The lady smiled at me while she left the place. The smile was not normal. And yes, with that smile she squeezed my dick over my pants without getting seen by anyone. I wondered but now I understood the reason behind spreading that rumour. In the end, it was a very nice experience for me. I am waiting for a new video to add to my collection. 

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