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That was the first time I had the lower floor of my house for rent. Usually, I don’t like to give my house or my property in rent to someone because of some money. But that time, I couldn’t resist myself because the couple who wanted that room was amazing, especially the girl with the flappy lips and thick hips. Being a bachelor for years might be the reason for my freakiness. Though I had no bad intention from the beginning, it all happened just accidentally.

Love Life of the Couple

At first sight, they looked like a nice couple and I thought they are very close to each other. The boy worked at a factory on the night shift, and the girl was a housewife. Her age was almost 25 years old and the boy might be 5 years older than her. But the day after they came to my house, the incident happened. That night, I heard an odd sound of furniture crashing and a light sound of a woman’s voice. I was about to run because I thought she somehow hurt herself. After carefully listening to the sound, I understood it was exactly what I wished to hear. Yes, you got it right, it was the sound of moaning.

I got down and peeped through the window and saw her and a boy having sex in the kitchen. I was surprised because the boy was not her husband. I saw, her tits were much bigger than I thought. She was giving the boy a blowjob at that time. My hand went down to my pants. I felt my dick was getting harder. They probably decided to have sex in the kitchen because they thought I might hear their moaning if they did it in their bedroom. They weren’t wrong, my bedroom is just above them. But the time was winter, so the weather helped me to be a witness to the live porn.

Sex in the Kitchen

That Girl Was a Fully Matured Woman

She knew how to play with a dick. After completing her blowjob, she started to squeeze the balls and the dick. Sometimes she slapped it like she was doing BDSM. The boy started to squeeze her tits like a rubber ball. The moaning of the girl was enough to give you an orgasm if you were in my place. The boy picked her up and put her on the table of the kitchen. Slowly he put his hard dick into her vagina. The vagina was wet already because the moaning sound was coming out from the window. I turned up when the boy flipped her in the opposite direction and her hips were towards me. I saw her vagina and hips that helped me to give more energy for my masturbation. 

The boy then started fucking that girl in the doggy style. His dick was so big that it helped her to cam fast. She started screaming while she was about to ejaculate. The boy increased his fucking speed, and I did the same with my dick. The girl pushed him away and squirted on the boy. That night, three of us cammed at the same time sarcastically. After finishing the squirt, the boy kissed her and started rubbing her tits and big hips. I felt kind of jealous that time but that was my fortune. Then they moved towards the bathroom. Hopefully, they would have had sex there also, but I missed it.

The next day, I put hidden sex cam through the window without letting her know. Now, every night, I don’t have to waste my mobile data for watching porn, since I can witness live porn comfortably by sitting at my room.


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