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A third of men have already simulated in bed. Does that surprise you? By the way, what is the sound of the male orgasm? One thing is certain: our representations do not help us, which present a man more concerned with performance than with feeling. So, men, when are we unhooked? —————————- Sex and Sounds Sex, everyone talks about it – it even seems that we talk about it too much, and that it would be voyeurism. But precisely ! Because the voyeur uses the eye, he tends to forget the ear. To reconcile with our five senses, ARTE Radio offers “Sex and Sounds”, the first podcast dedicated to fruitful connections between pleasures from below and sounds from above. Right there in our ears, right around this huge sex organ called the brain. From the sounds of porn to talking sex toys, from the languages ​​of love to the vibrations of our intimate toys, through the mysteries of ASMR and music that makes you want … it was time that we challenged our society look at his pre-eminence over desire. The podcast playlist: #Podcast #Sex # Sexuality —————————- A creation by Maïa Mazaurette Realization: Arnaud Forest Illustration: Sjoerd van Leeuwen Video editing and animation: Sara Olaciregui To find on: Subscribe to ARTE Radio's YouTube channel: Find us on our site: Follow us on social networks: Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram
L'homme qui jouit | Sex and sounds- ARTE Radio Podcast

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