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I used to work as a labor one year ago. I had a team that worked for a contractor. The contractor gave us the contract of making that house. Actually, we were assigned to build the first floor of the building. On the ground floor, the family lives. The family has one grown-up matured girl and her father. After working for 3 months, they grew trust upon us. So the old man could do his office work peacefully. But then the day came when all this happened.

That day, I and one of my team members were assigned to do the job. Only me, my teammate, and that lady were in that house that day. The lady gave us tea on time. We took a break and sat for the tea. But she didn’t leave the place which was unusual. She started talking with us. She asked about my family, my teammate’s family, and other small details. I noticed she was coming close to us slowly. She sat in a manner that her breast cleavage was just in front of our eyes. That was not the main concern. The main concern was, it seemed she was willingly showing it. 

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Suddenly she started talking dirty. She started to ask us about our sexual life. I stood and started to go for my work. My teammate also was not feeling well because of her question. But she held our hands. She stopped us. She forcefully touched her tits by grabbing our hands. Her boobs were so soft. The lady had magic on her eyes. She started to get our mind and consciousness. Sometimes earlier, we wanted to avoid her but after that movement, we wanted to fuck her. Her intention was also the same.

She started to unzip our pants. Both of our dicks got harder. She started to give me a blowjob and to my friend, a handjob. She gave us a blowjob and a handjob. We both cammed. Then, she started to undress. That day I first noticed how good her figure was. She opened her panty in the bedroom. I saw her pussy was wet. I started to lick her clean pussy for a while. Then we started threesome sex. Her figure was quite juicy. I felt so much fun when I inserted my dick into that soft clean pussy. And my friend put his dick into her butt hole.

She was so strong that she tolerated jerking from both of us. We didn’t stop, we cammed into her. We changed our position. I put my cock into her mouth and my friend fucked her into her pussy. That day she cammed 5 times continuously. My friend was tired because he put too much effort into labor work. But I was still energetic. I and the lady entered the bathroom to clean ourselves. But after that much of sex, I was still attracted to her naked body. We started again. She expressed her fun through her eyes. We ejaculated again after a few minutes of fucking.

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