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I have been in Bangkok for 5 years. I do a job here. I got some friends from the start of joining. Everyone knows what kinds of talks are there if 4 to 5 boys are in a room. All our office colleagues live together in a house. At the weekend, we choose our own way to enjoy life and discuss these with each other. Some days ago, one of our colleagues, told us the story of his weekend. 

In Bangkok, there are lots of massage parlors. But the exciting ones are the cock massage parlors. We knew that he used to go cock massage parlors to have fun. But that day, he saw a beautiful sexy lady at service. He wanted to fuck her but didn’t get the opportunity. So next time he decided not to miss the chance. His conversation triggered us all and we all showed our enthusiasm to go there. But I was thinking about another thing. It should be me among my friends who must fuck her if she is gorgeous. This is why the next day, I pretended to be ill and took a leave from the office early. 

When I reached the parlor, I was searching for that woman. Though I had never seen her before it took just 1 minute for her to get out. I asked her to give me cock massage. She agreed. When we were in a closed room and she was busy doing her arrangements, I noticed her carefully. What a beautiful face! The boobs were so big that the white bra was not enough to hold it. And when she crouched to open the drawer, her juicy butts touched my dick. My dick got hardened. She looked at me and laughed. Then I threw my offer to her. I told her that I want to make a video of us while we are doing sex to give my friends a shock and in return to that, I would pay her. She agreed again with a smile. 

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My dick was already so hard. She removed the towel from my dick and started to oil it. Her soft hand cock massage gave me an orgasm. I told her to open her bra. She started to put my dick into her cleavage. Those soft tits are unforgettable. I squeezed those for some time. Her dresses were so tightly attached to her body that everything had the power to give you a jerk. I asked her to open her pant and panty. I put her on the bed. I started to lick her pussy. The sensation play we were dealing with earlier, gave her orgasm because her pussy was wet. It tasted salty during licking. I put my dick into her vagina. Because my dick was oiled by her, the insertion caused no resistance. 

It was feeling like the whole happiness of the world came to my dick. The lady is the cutest and warmest lady on the earth and among all men, I got the opportunity to fuck her hard. I increased my speed. She started moaning quite loudly. I ejaculated into her. But I started again because I wanted to make her mine. My hard dick touched her G-spot several times that she squirted with loud moaning. My cock massage experience with her was so amazing. I recorded everything. I showed it to my friends to give them goosebumps and I succeeded in my plan.

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