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Throwaway for obvious reasons …

Just come back from getaway where I’ve handled to get three remarkable voyeur experiences of a pair of young British women, Hannah and Lucy. Hannah is really slim, brunette and uses glasses, and Lucy is fairly chubby (in an excellent way) brunette but has blonde highlights.

The first experience with these two was at the bar at night, there was a twerking competitors held by the staff and both Hannah and Lucy got selected to complete. They appeared quite drunk so went for it. Hannah was using a short black gown and when she bent over ever so somewhat you could see her knickers and bottom cheeks revealing under her gown. She obviously didn’t understand as she was twerking for a complete minute and giving everyone an eyeful. She has black french knickers on to match her gown, and a perfectly tight ass.

Lucy’s turn came a couple of minutes later, and she was using a floor length black dress with slits pretty much up to the waist on either side of the gown.

A couple of days later, I found out that Hannah and Lucy were remaining on the exact same floor as us, in the space next door, to which we had a semi shared terrace, letting me see directly into their space as they had not closed the curtains on among their windows. I kept on making reasons to go outside for a smoke, and finally managed to see Lucy, just in a pink thong as she was getting dressed. My heart was pounding as I could see her magnificently crafted curves, her boobs were ever so a little saggy however it turned me on a lot. She dried and brushed her hair just in her thong, and then put a bra on, tried out a couple of outfits and lastly decided on one.

About 5 minutes later, Lucy strolled into view using a green Vans t shirt, and daisy dukes.

On the last night of my journey, I was figured out to get a much better view of the set of them so I spent all evening out on the veranda, just waiting to see them, and boy did I hit the jackpot.

I could not think my luck with what I was seeing. After they were all lotioned up and moisturised, they both put the most beautiful underwear sets on. Hannah selected a coordinating red and black thong and bra set, which appeared to perfectly match her slim frame, and Lucy used a mint green push up bra and a set of Lacey french knickers which just seemed to perfectly hug her curves and made both her ass and tits look unbelievable. They both put on little sundresses and heels, and decreased to the bar, where I viewed them all night drink mixed drink after mixed drink, and ultimately paired up with a couple of locals, older black guys who they were all over, till the 4 of them left.

I followed them back up to the room and could not think my eyes. Both Lucy and Hannah were sat on opposite sides of the bed, just in their underwear and heels, providing each male blowjobs.

I could hear the women groaning and could just about make out that the males stating things to them, but could not hear what. The women repositioned themselves so they were practically face to face, and began passionately kissing, which clearly turned both the men on, as well as me, as they started pulling their hair and spanking them, which made me blow my load all over the terrace floor. I stayed and enjoyed as both women orgasmed again and once again, until the males blew their loads inside the girls, got dressed and immediately left, leaving the girls in an inebriated cummy stack on the bed.

I was so upset that this was my final night their, as I would have liked to have seen what they got up to for the rest of their stay.

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