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I live in London nowadays, far from my home, far from my girlfriend. When I was close to her, the days were amazing and especially the nights. Not only she has a gentle and kind heart, she has a gorgeous and attractive figure too. I used to live with her during my college days. When we were in the room then our nude fun reached the limits. I miss her soft pussy and big tits which were my favorite toys. So I decided last time to give her a sex cam through which we can do sex chat.

The last time we talked was yesterday. Yesterday’s sex chat was awesome for both of us. I am trying to put the whole nude fun word here in this post. The time was 9’O O’clock at night. I turned my laptop on. I was surprised because she was wearing a transparent bikini. There is nothing sexier than a girl in a transparent bikini. I can bet you won’t get your orgasm in a better way by seeing a girl naked than you will get by seeing a girl in a transparent bikini. By guessing my mind she said, ‘ Don’t you remember what day is it today?’. I forgot about it completely but because of her, I remembered it was my birthday. I smiled. She said ‘ Just put your hand in your pants and watch me’. Then she started.

Nude fun

She started to dance like a sexy bitch, and started to undress her bikini slowly. The moment was awesome that I could feel on my body. After being fully naked she started to show me her sexy butt and butt hole. She had an attractive butt because of using the butt plug. Now she put it in front of me in her butt hole. Her moaning, her huge fair butt started to give me a high heartbeat. Then she placed her body on her bed. Now she started to squeeze her tits and nipples. I wished if I got the opportunity to suck it. Now she started fingering her pussy. She gave me a clear look. She started masturbating with her fingers and me too.

Then she took the dildo, given by me on her birthday. She told me that she assumed it as my dick. This turned me up. She put it in her pussy slowly and gave me a moan. She started to shout by my name when she was masturbating with her dildo. I started to feel warm and that I was about to ejaculatr. I didn’t realize that she was so good at acting. Because she didn’t allow me to think that she was not near me. At last, she reached her peak by giving a sexy moan, and so did I. She was just awesome in bed. I started to miss her a lot. It is a great help to buy a sex chat cam. 

Now my every night with her is spending amazingly. Though it is a virtual meeting we both are satisfied with our long-distance relationship. 

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