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I never realized before that spy cam sex can give me so much satisfaction. But when I saw the sexy figure what I wanted to see long ago, it was a great feeling for me. Spycam sex may sound like an odd type of entertainment but it helped me lots. You can understand by reading this story.

Who Was The Mysterious Girl?

I am a part of my joint family which once was fully joined. Our house is too big and it covers a huge area. Our house has so many parts and I live in one of those parts. The opposite part is for my grandmother. My grandmother was not feeling too much good for the last few months. I was sad because of it since my grandmother loves me very much and so am I. I am 18 years old and teenagers at that age need some pocket money to satisfy their small wishes. Grandmother knows that well and every month she gives me some pocket money. 

Spycam sex

But for the last few days, she was not feeling good. She decided to put the money in a box out of her room. From that day the problem began. One beautiful, sexy nurse was assigned to take care of my grandmother. And from the next day, I noticed that the amount stored by my granny was going down. I doubted and put a spy cam there. And the result was just as I thought. The nurse was stealing money from there. I decided to call her the next day.

The Thief Was So Sexy

Usually, my parents were gone for their job. I called her in my room and showed her the clip. I saw the guilt on her face, as well as the cleavage was peeping out of her blouse. She got my intentions. She requested me not to tell anyone instead of that she would give me a fuck. I was wondered because I had never done this before. But before by insist, she started to open my pant. My dick responded to her soft touches. It got harder. She gave me a perfect blowjob. I never feel so good before.

She then started to kiss me. I pulled her close and started to grab her juicy hips. She laughed. She pushed me on the bed and started to undress. When she was fully naked, my dick turned on again. She put her pussy on my dick and moaned loudly. Such a young cock and such an experienced pussy is a deadly combination for sex. I felt her pussy was wet due to kissing and grabbing her tightly. We spent lots of time in my room. She squirted 3 times that day. Her hips were amazing that it felt like a paradise when we did doggy style. 

That day I was not ready. But the next day, I replaced that Spy cam in my room. Now I don’t have to watch any porn videos to masturbate. Now every time my spycam sex videos give me that satisfaction. 

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