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The two day trial at Portsmouth Naval Base heard that the Royal Navy sailor and the Wren consented to meet for consensual sex on board HMS Diamond while the Type 45 air defence destroyer was checking out the port of Limassol in Cyprus, in June2014

Prior to she showed up, the sailor, who was a chef on board, had actually set his mobile phone on a rack in the shower and subsequently made a 10- minute recording of their encounter.

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Sex Tape Sailor Cleared Of Voyeurism
a court-martial here at Portsmouth Naval.Base heard that leading chef Ferber and.the woman had consensual sex in a shower.cubicle on HMS diamond the ship was.alongside Limassol in Cyprus and the.parents spent the day on the beach.drinking however then accepted the.encounter.despite the Royal Navy ‘s no touch rule.but she alleged she did not concur for.the encounter to be taped he said she.had given her approval and was aware it.was taking place on his iPhone a board.of three commissioners delivered the non.guilty decision and Judge Advocate.General Jeff Blackett informed leading chef.Ferber he was now totally free to go back to his.duties nevertheless he cautioned him his breach.of the no touch guideline would be the Royal Navy Victoria Smith in Portsmouth.
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