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Detectives say Rudelmiro Santizo Perez had more than a million images stored on his phone and they also confirmed there were images from the bathrooms present on his phone as well.
Police: Video voyeurism suspect had over 1 million images on his phone
the man accused of planting hidden.cameras inside bathrooms at three.medical facilities is now in custody.police caught him before he was able to.board a flight headed out of the country.WP TV news anchor Michael Williams.joining us here in studio with how they.tracked him down Michael Shannon the West Palm Beach Police Detective.handling the case put a flag on the.suspect with the Department of Homeland.Security so when he bought a plane.ticket according to authorities from.Houston to Guatemala his home country.the detective got a flag a warning and.he was arrested overnight the Department.of Homeland Security arresting that man.Rudel meter el sentido Perez in he was trying to board the flight.police say Perez hid a camera inside an.employee bathroom during his shifts Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm.Beach as well as that medical Boca Raton and suburban Delray Beach.police say right now there are 12.victims all employees but that number.they say is certain to rise his phone.had a search warrant for it and over a.million images are coming back from and the bathrooms are confirmed in.his phone investigators say Perez the CT scan department at st. Mary’s.and on PET scans at the Lynn Cancer.Institute in Boca as well as the.facility in Delray Beach.a spokesperson for st. Mary’s released.this statement quote as soon as the camera we notified police.we’re fully cooperating with their.investigation and we’ve notified all.employees who work in the area where was found we reached out the note.goes on to say to Lynne Cancer Institute.for its statement we also did that and.police say it was one camera presence.cell phone that he moved with them to.each location taped under a sink with a.pinhole for the lens well hidden.currently in the process of bringing him.back from Texas he’ll face voyeurism charges and more a disastrous if through all of the.images as you heard more than a million.of them allegedly on his phone.
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