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Directed by Jordan Doner.
Including James Neate @ DNA, Ruari Cannon, Isable McNally, Kaja Sokola @ Marilyn, Jason S. Otero, Alex Rivera, Pernilla Fransander @ New York Design Management, Mila Filatova @ MC2, Viktorija Skyte @ Q, Roza Abdurazakova @ MC2.
Produced By Jordan Doner, Mattaeo Diterlizzi, Christian Lamb, Steve Roberts.
Editor Ted Hesse.
Assistant Editor Benny Przewozny.
Styling by Rene Gaza.
Hair by Damian Monzillio.
Hair Assistant: Crystal Lake.
Comprise by Deborah Altizio.
Makeup for Isabelle McNally by Jill McKay.
Special Effects Makeup by Maria Kern.
Music by Rama Kolesnikow, Sam Jacks & Jordan Doner.
Area Thanks To DDC Display Room New York City.
Line Manufacturer Steve Roberts.
Peeping Tom (19: 31/ 9: 08) directed by Jordan Doner, features James Neate, Ruari Cannon, Isable McNallly, Kaja Sokola, Jason S. Otero, Alex Rivera, Pernilla Fransander, Mila Filatova, Viktorija Skyte, Roza Abdurazakova. Motivated by American grind-house exploitation films of the 70’s and British Gangster movies of the 60’s, it features music by Rama Kolesnikow, Sam Jacks & Jordan Doner.

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