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My friend, Nick’s house is not far from my home. This is the reason I used to go to his house since childhood. He has a beautiful elder sister who was my crush in childhood. I often blushed while she was around me. But now we have come to a stage where the game of hormones starts, which means Teenage. The crush has turned into attraction now. But the blushing thing never ends.

It was a pleasant day. So I decided to go to Nick’s house to play games with him. But eventually, he was not at home. His father and mother were also not there. I didn’t know that first. I called him by his name but his elder sister responded and asked me to come in. I wasn’t sure that from where her voice was coming. So I was seeking her by listening to the source. But I ended up at her bathroom and what I saw was her naked. She was actually taking a bath actually. I turned at once and started to mutter that I was sorry. 

Bathroom Sex

She laughed and called me towards her. I was feeling my heartbeat loud and clear. I was hiding my eyes from her as usual. But she ordered me to look at her eyes. I couldn’t resist. She asked me to rub the soap on her back. I did it. But I stopped at her waist. She ordered me again to carry on. I started to rub the soap at her sexy butts. The feeling was awesome. Those were so soft that my dick responded. She felt it because I was so close to her. She turned and asked me to rub the soap at her breasts. I was feeling so warm at that moment. I had seen so many bathroom fuck videos on the internet. Each of those started like this. So I was expecting just like that. We both realized, the soap was just wasting, so I started to squeeze it by my hands. She moaned loudly.

At that moment what I needed, was to put my dick into her pussy. I was so excited and so was she. I licked her pussy. The feeling of licking a wet, hairy pussy is just awesome. She opened my pants and turned on the shower. We both started to squeeze each other’s butt and started to kiss. I pushed her on the wall and put my dick in her pussy. Her pussy was so soft that it started to give my dick a warm welcome. The shower worked as a catalyst in the bathroom fuck. I felt that I was about to cam after fucking her some minutes. 

Again she ordered me to squeeze her tits. But this time I slapped her butt so many times. I increased my speed when I realized the semen was coming to be out. At last, we finished there. After washing her pussy, she pulled me again into her bedroom and gave me a romantic fuck. Overall, the first bathroom fuck with crush was awesome.


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