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new young couple relocated next door. professional type. girl has a good athletic body.
a year passes and she pops out a kid. it was ideal around summer so she was always out running attempting to return in shape. 3 months pass and she handled to lose all the pregnancy weight except her breasts were still big.

we had an indian summer season that year so our homes generally have the AC on during the day, but off during the night to conserve energy. one night, as i was prepping to enjoy some porn, i hearding her cooing with the baby so i hopped outta bed to take a gander.

absolutely nothing uncommon i thought. i will head back onto the bed when she began to undo her top. in the beginning she just let her infant fondle her and then she started feeding him.

i couldnt believe what i was seeing. i 'd always envisioned what those nipples appeared like; watching her breasts bounce up and down in her sweat soaked sports bra as she jogged around the area all summertime.

well, i am not happy of what i did next.

since i was high and hard i started to go to town and worked that boner like it owed me cash. some other homes kept their Air Conditioning units running so those stifled out the sound of me hammering alway into the September night.

i kept spying on her ever since, but never ever saw anything close to that.

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