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The day was a rainy one. The clouds have covered the sky the whole day and it started raining almost in the afternoon. The timing was very important because this was the moment when she came in front of her window, fully naked. This was not my first time seeing a Naked Girl, but, she was looking gorgeous in her form. The more surprising thing was her eyes. That was not as usual. Maybe the reason was the incident that happened 6 years ago. Overall, that day, she was the reason I lost control of me.

Her name is Kaya. Kaya, Simmi and I were the best friends in our childhood. Kaya had lost her parents in an accident and came to her grandmother’s house which is just next to my house to spend the rest of her life. Simmi was my classmate and lives in the next block. But due to studies, the friendly attachment got weakened.

Naked Girl

What Happened on Rainy Day?

I am 21 years old now. So seeing a Naked Girl in just front of my window was a surprise as well as a hallucination for me. Kaya’s tits had become quite large. It seemed like she just came from her bath because water drops are slipping from her tits. Kaya started to squeeze her boobs and started to give an expression that she wanted those tits to be sucked by me. She realized that I was completely controlled by her now and she opened the back door of her house.

There was no resistance between us that day and if anything came in between us then I don’t know what I would have done to destroy that resistance. I went to her room. She pulled me by her hands in my belt. She kept my hands and started to squeeze her tits with my hands this time. I felt my dick had become so hard at that time. I was not sure what I had to do the next. But she pushed me in her bed and started to suck my dick. She didn’t leave until I ejaculated. 

There was no single word between us but we talked through eyes. We didn’t need any commands but our muscles started to move by own. I flipped her in the bed and started to lick her vagina. It was wet. She came already. But I wanted her to come completely and wanted to give her satisfaction. I started to use my finger instead of my tongue. She started moaning. She saw my dick was hard till then, and I softly entered it into her pussy.

It was a feeling that can’t be explained through words. It was like all the happiness of life was in this small form, in this bed, in her pussy. My speed increased suddenly because I knew I was about to cum. I didn’t know what happened but I suddenly moaned “You are Mine” and ejaculated my sperm inside her pussy. At that moment she smiled and the victory in her eyes wandered me. When all was finished, I suddenly remembered the incident 6 years ago. She proposed to me and I rejected it. She told me ‘I’ll be your someday’. Then I understood the reason behind her smile and that look. She squirted herself and she cammed. Some drops touched my body. She pulled me towards her, kissed my lips, and said, ‘Yes! I am yours!’

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