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I cope with two roomies, they share a space. One is a Hispanic man, and the other is a white female. Both in their early 20 s. They are in a “it’s complicated” type of friendship/relationship. The girl has beautiful huge boobs and a good ass.

Yesterday, I was strolling to the bathroom which is across from their bed room door. I heard sounds of feminine moaning and bed creaking. I slowed down and stood in the restroom doorway for a moment and listened in. I closed the door and pushed my ear against the door and it was as if I had my ear versus their bedroom door, I could hear them so clearly. I heard their bed creak each time he humped her. I heard him slap her ass once again and once again. I might hear his balls slapping versus her skin as he fucked her tough. I heard her saying “yes!” and moaning from pleasure. I touched myself with my ear pushed up against the door, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest I was so turned on. I came tough listening to them. At one point he began groaning and they stopped and she asked “what happened?” I could not hear what occurred however I might hear she was annoyed. I’m guessing he may not have actually pulled out quick enough. I wish to hear them again at some point quickly

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