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I’m a freshman in college at the time of writing, and the dorms are close quarters, our beds are only 5 feet apart with nothing to separate us. My roommate usually brings his gf over and it’s not uncommon for her to spend the night (which I’m fine with, as we mostly keep to ourselves and have no issues, she’s also pretty hot with a great ass). But one day I wake up and decide to try and go back to sleep so I don’t move and just close my eyes trying to sleep.

That’s when they start, first it’s just whispers, her saying that I’m right there and him saying that I’m asleep. I can hear them rustle in the bed getting ready and her moan as he slips in. He tells her to try and be quiet as he starts to thrust into her, I can hear him quietly grunting as she try’s to restrain her whimpers, at one point he must’ve pulled out and tried to go back in because she starts whisper yelling “that’s my ass” over and over, then as they keep going they start to throw caution to the wind, her whimpers turn to moans and I can even hear her ass slapping against his hips. Eventually I hear her say to pull out and him letting out a long sigh, which was probably him cumming over her ass

That’s when I decide, hot as it is, that I had to get out of there and start to “wake up” and give them time to get the covers over. I quickly get ready and head out, but not before I jacked off thinking about them fucking right next to me.

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