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I’m from NZ.

I was living in a location last year with 2 chicks.

Flatting was great, no dramas. I shared the bathroom with the other woman and my space was on the back part of your home, (let’s call her Cass) Cass’ remained in the roadside. If you walked off the road you could tap on her window. It was oddly constructed however wth.

Anyhow, I’m there possibly 2 nights and I realise that Cass doesn’t close the restroom window, so what do I do?

I rinse and duplicated this for months … actual months. I took many pics and vids. She’s Asian/ Canadian. Into biking. Excellent body. Small boobs, nice pussy. I enjoyed her shower time and considering that she went into her space after I ‘d enjoy her modification. Snuck through her drawer once too, found an adorable little dildo.


I miss that flat!

This is one intriguing tumblr voyuer., My old flatmates, Fulfill this good teenager voyeur tumblr!!,.

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