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I have known my friend Jack for a long time. We, two boys, know each other from the intermediate class. We became so close to each other that we started hanging around each other’s homes also. Now we both are in the same college but the department is different. But we don’t miss the opportunity to meet each other in the canteen during off time. It was yesterday when he told me what happened to him some days ago. And because of that day’s conversation, I have the chance to experience hidden camera sex videos. Here is the incident explained.

When I met him that day, he was quite confused. It seemed to me, he wanted to hide something. I knew his behavior for a long time so it was impossible to hide it. After insisting on him too much, he finally spits it out. I knew he had an older sister. But what I didn’t know is, he has a crush on her and she is his step-sister. What he had told me then I was shocked. He said he had sex with her a few days ago. He told me –

” I have a crush on my elder sister but being a brother, this kind of thinking is ridiculous. But I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I know, she is my step sister and this is the reason I told her. She was always so rude to me. I don’t know why she always ignores me. But that day, when my mother and father were not at home, I went to her and grabbed her hands. She got angry and started to scold me about this behavior. At that moment, I proposed to her. I knew I would be rejected. But without giving her a chance I grab her with my hands.

I started to explain how much I love her. Here the part was twisted. She was scolding me continuously but didn’t push me back. I started to grab her ass hard. She started to moan. It turned me up. I pushed her to bed. I undressed her by my hands. She was just talking that we are siblings and we aren’t supposed to do that. But for a single time, she didn’t give me any resistance to play with her body. I started to suck her big tits. After some minutes, I undressed her panty. I found it quite wet. I understood she was enjoying it.

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But her annoying talk about sibling things pissed me off. I told her straight that if she didn’t want to do sex with me, she must slap me right that time and I would free her. She stopped. And she started to unzip my pants. I put my dick in her pussy and blood came out. I took her virginity by myself. I was feeling so proud. I started to fuck her hard. Her moaning gave a quick orgasm and I cammed into her. Now the sex part has become our regular part but I still didn’t get it that whether it is right or wrong.”

I appreciated her love and motivation. I gave him the confirmation that she is enjoying your company. If not then she would have resisted you. My appreciation gave him some satisfaction. But after a few days when I went to his home, I found a hidden camera in his room. Now I can enjoy the hidden camera sex videos of his elder sister.


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