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I and Simmi are childhood friends. At a time, we were supposed to be best friends but nowadays, we barely meet each other. We are both busy in studies. This is not the only reason. Last time, when I saw her I was stunned. She has gotten a sexy figure. Her boobs and her hips have grown up perfectly to give a man a perfect fuck. It was some days ago when I saw her doing naked fun with her dildo. It gave me goosebumps at that time. Here is the description of what happened that day.

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Actually, because of being in the same stream, I went to her place to ask for some notes. When I called by her name, her mother responded. She told me to go up on the first floor in Simmi’s room. When I reached her door, I heard a moan. I was about to knock on her door but after carefully listening to the voice, I stopped. I understood what was going on. I peeped from the window on the other side and was stunned. She was fully naked. But I didn’t understand at first what she was trying to do. She was rubbing her boobs on the bed. Her hips were on the upper side. It turned me on. She was so busy with her naked fun that she didn’t see I was there. 

My dick was started to wake up from its sleep. I could feel it in my pants. The girl who was with me since childhood, I was attracted to her too much. It was not the first time that I saw her naked. But that time, it was just another feeling. 

Then she started to rub her tits with her one hand. On another hand, she started to finger her pussy. Her pussy was shaved. It was like a rose. She put her two fingers into her pussy. It was deep because she started to moan quite loudly. She increased her speed. It was visible that she was about to reach her peak. Her legs were shaken. Her cute face had a sexy reaction. She cammed in front of me. I felt wet in my pants also. Then she took a dildo and put it in her pussy again. She started to masturbate. The size of the dildo was bigger in length. She put almost the whole dildo into her pussy. I was shocked by seeing how deep her pussy was. Simmi had become quite expert on these matters. She ejaculated again after this round. 

Then she said ‘Bye’, looking at her opposite direction. I didn’t notice first. Then I saw, there was a laptop and a boy was on the screen. I got it then. She was doing sex chat with her boyfriend. I went back to my home. Because we both needed some time to wash. I took my hidden sex cam and again went to her place. I entered the room. When she was busy searching for the notes, I put the hidden sex cam in a place. Now I can masturbate by seeing her naked. 

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