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I guess I’ve always known that I was an exhibitionist. I just loved to be watched all of the time. I loved the attention. I just didn’t know how far it all actually went. Sure, I liked to be watched while I was doing things like cooking or cleaning, but I never even considered that I’d like to be watched while I was doing sex stuff. I guess it all really changed when my bother started bringing his friends over while he was in college. His friends were all a little bit older than me. I was `18 when it started and his friends were 20. That turned me on a lot. I loved the thought of having sex with an older guy. I would follow them around and stare at them when I thought they weren’t watching. I’d usually get myself so worked up that I’d have to sneak into the bathroom and touch myself with them right outside the door. It did it more and more until the day that I was alone with his friends.

I was super horny

It just worked out that my brother had to run to the store while his friends waiting for him in the house. There are about five of them. I was sitting with them in the kitchen and I was going crazy! Just checking them out had my panties soaked through. I couldn’t stop myself from running into the bathroom right off of the kitchen to masturbate harder than I’d ever fucked myself before when them on the other side. That was when I started to hear them. I could hear them talk about how hot they thought I was while I worked my pussy on the toilet. I just couldn’t hold myself anymore. I felt braver than ever before and used my foot to kick the door open right when I started to cum to them! They all watched me cum and it was the first time I ever squirted.

I set up camera

I obviously know that my exhibitionism went deeper than I ever knew. I set started setting up cameras in my room the very next day. Now I have them all over my own house and I broadcast myself 24 hours a day. I love being watched and I’m always giving a show that other people will want to see. Nothing gets me off harder.
 Hot Babe Living The Exhibitionist Life

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