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Taking a bath in a hotel with a large glass window was my dream since childhood. The huge Pacific sea was being seen through the window. Education is how important it is to make anybody a well-established person, I can realize now. Who has thought that the girl I liked most during my childhood and who rejected me because I was poor, would work as my secretary in my office? Not only that, the bath I was taking yesterday from where the huge Pacific ocean can be seen, but there she was also present, in front of me, without a single cloth, holding my drink. 

I was taking my bath and someone knocked on my door. Though I knew who was there, I asked for the name. My secretary told me ” your dearest servant sir”. I told her to enter. It was the first time she was naked in front of me. I saw her curves were grown up so big. Probably she was excited too because her nipples were so stiff. I asked her to come closer. I drank the drink she offered me. When she was near me, my eyes were gone to her pussy. It was so clean and shaved. I crouched to kiss her vagina. It was so soft. I got up and started to kiss her lips and started to squeeze her tits. I was softly moving my fingers around her nipples. She laughed.

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After rubbing her tits, I started to squeeze her butts. I realized her butts were so big and soft when she wore tight dresses at the office. I turned her around and put her upper waist portion on the basin. Then I put my dick into her vagina. Her huge butts were striking me each time during jerking. I continuously slapped it and made it red.

We went to bed. I already gave her a good fuck in the bathroom. She wanted to suck my dick. But I proposed to her to do 69 swallow to make our sexual journey interesting. She agreed. We started to get into our position as 69 manners. She shaved her pussy, so it was so comforting for me to lick. And on the other side, I put my dick into her mouth. Then for a long time with a slight moaning, the mouth job was going on. She started to shake her legs after some time, I got it that she was about to cam. I put my fingers instead of the tongue. I increased the speed and finally, she screamed a lot. 

She asked me to give the sperm into her mouth. She had given me a great blowjob that I was feeling so comforting from inside. I felt my ejaculation time was near. I put my dick towards her open mouth and cammed. She enjoyed the look on her face. It was great sex. I never expected her to give me a nice 69 swallow. After all, my trip and my struggle for long years finally got successful.

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