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Hidden Cam In The Wall

If you’re interested in installing hidden cams, then you have a lot to think about. There are tons of different cameras out there. You never know what you’re getting yourself into until you see what the cam is capturing for you. You have to decide between cameras that take batteries and cameras that you plug in. You also have to choose between cameras that upload to the cloud and cameras that record on a drive. Then there’s the biggest decision that you can make. You have to choose where your camera is going to go.

Decide what you want to capture

The first decision you have to make is what you want to catch on your hidden camera. There are a lot of different reasons to install them. Maybe you want to make sure the babysitter isn’t stealing anything. Maybe you want to monitor how often your wife decides to pleasure herself while you’re away. Maybe you just want to capture hot women in the shower without them knowing about it. Each reason is going to come with its own equipment and its own placement. Once you figure that out, you can choose where your camera should be going.

Top-down bedroom views are best

If your reasons are bedroom related, you want to get your camera up high. It should really go as high as you can get it. If you’re trying to catch your wife or girlfriend masturbating, you want to be able to see the entire bed. You also want the viewer to be coming from the foot of the bed. It lets you see everything without having to guess at what’s going on. You see everything that she’s doing and you’ll be able to show her exactly what you’ve caught her doing to herself.

Living room cameras face the sofa

If you’re trying to make sure there’s nothing going on with your guests or babysitter, you want your camera facing the sofa. This is where you’re going to be getting the best view of the action. You can catch that babysitter if she decides that having her boyfriend over is a good idea. You can also catch her sleeping when she’s supposed to be awake or talking on her phone when she should be focused on what she’s supposed to be doing. You’ll even be able to monitor how much of your food she’s eating while you’re away.

Upload to the cloud for fixed cameras

If you know that you’re not going to be able to constantly visit your camera, then you want one that will upload to the cloud. Sites like Voyeur Villa are filled with cameras like this. They stream directly to you so you can access them at any time. You never have to worry about pulling out a memory stick to get your footage. You can see it whenever you want and save the files that you want to keep on your hard drive, whether it’s for fun or it’s for evidence.

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