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Sexy Babe With Hidden Cam In her house

There are millions of men and women in the world who want to show off for an audience. It’s a very common fetish. You want to be watched because it makes you feel sexy. If someone wants to watch you, it means you’re hot enough to be watched. It’s that simple. That doesn’t mean that you’re ready to just set up a hidden cam and give everyone access. You have to work your way up to it first. You have to get comfortable with the idea of showing off before you can do it at all hours of day and night.


Start off with a window

If you’re really new to the whole thing, the best way for you to start is with an open window. It’s an anonymous way to start showing off and get used to the idea of always being watched. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. You’re going to get naked at some point. That’s where the window comes in. Take off your clothes and stand in front of an open window. As long as there are people around, you’re going to get yourself an audience and you can find out how it feels to be naked for strangers.

Try it on a webcam

Now that you’ve given a show the easy way, you can step it up a little bit. Your laptop or your phone is going to have a camera. You can sign up for a cam site and broadcast yourself whenever you want. Since this is your first time, you’re going to want to wait until you’re really, really horny. It will make it easier for you to turn on your cam and masturbate for a real audience. You’re going to have a few people watching you and it will get you one step closer to setting up hidden cams all throughout your house.

Put up a living room cam

Now that you’ve taken the leap and had an orgasm in front of people, you can try setting up a spycam. Put in the living room or somewhere you’re not going to be naked all of the time. It’s going to make it easier to get used to the idea of having them in much more sensitive places. Give it a few weeks and you’ll forget that it’s even there. Then you can finally show yourself off the way that you want to.

Fill the house

You can sign up for a site like Voyeur Villa once you have a camera in every room of your house. This is the access that you’ve always wanted to give to people. You can have eyes on you, no matter what you’re doing. You’ll have an audience in the bathroom and in the bedroom. You’ll always have people watching you. You’ll finally have that sexy feeling that you’ve always wanted to experience. If people thing you’re hot enough to watch in the bathroom, you’ll know that you’re hot enough to be watched in the bedroom.

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