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Two Hot Girlfriends Making Out In Lingerie

I never thought that I could be a lesbian. It was the strangest concept that I could ever come up with. I was a total slut in college. I fucked any hung guy that I could find. It never really even mattered what he looked like or acted like. I only cared about the boys with the biggest dicks because they always felt the best. I wanted to be on my back with a man penetrating me. It was what I loved and I always sought it out for myself. There were plenty of nights that I locked my roommates out and let two or three guys fuck me at the same time. Things kind of changed after college, though. I never could have guessed that I’d end up in the position that I’m in now.

It started with kink

I had this friend who liked to give cam shows for extra money. I had never thought about doing it myself, but the day came that she asked me to join her for one of her shows. She said that girl on girl stuff always brought in more money and she wanted to share it with me. I was in no position to say no to money, so I agreed to join her. It was pretty tame at first. She would just sit behind me and lift up and short and spread my legs to show me off to the camera. I kind of liked thinking about all of those guys jerking off to me while she showed me off, so I let ho keep going. Things progressed them more we did it. It all came to a head when I felt her hand slip behind my thighs and massage my throbbing clit. She gave me my very first lesbian orgasm and I couldn’t stop myself from turning my head and kissing her as passionately as I could.

Now we’re dating

I realized very quickly that I wasn’t in love with men. I was in love with fucking. This girl ended up being the very best sex of my life. She just knows my body better than any guy ever could. We started dating and now we have hidden cameras all over the house. I still love the idea of guys jerking off to me when she fucks me. I guess I might just be a little bisexual.

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