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I worked as the Director of Security for 2 years at a hotel. It was my task to be in the shadows and locations individuals generally weren’t which constantly gave me plausible deniability in the event somebody questioned why I happened to be somewhere.

One evening I was doing my rounds through the labyrinth of corridors that was the hotel. Someplace in the hall I heard the familiar noise of groaning. There is something about that sound when you ' re a voyeur. You can recognize a single sigh, a single groan and know what is occurring. You get an unexpected rush that you must look for the source of that noise.

I moved up and down the hall gradually till I heard again, however better. Fortunately that particular room ' s full-length windows were not obstructed by the casino roof like the other 10 on that flooring.

I had actually seen her earlier when they arrived she was a brunette in sweats bring a fitness center bag and had her hair brought up in a ponytail. I discovered her due to the fact that she was charming, but she had not stood apart actually at the time to call for trying to find her additional throughout the night. They signed in, went back out to the vehicle and that was the last I saw of them. On rounds the room was dark like nobody was there most of the night.

When the window came into full view there was a person on the bed, his bare-back to the window. What I couldn ' t see was who he was with, brief of the random foot here and there.

Where I was I needed to be careful because there was periodic foot traffic in the area. I was able to be off the beaten path, however still had to watch out for the periodic canine walker, but thankfully it was just cold enough to keep the majority of the casual walkers indoors.

When they decided to switch positions was when I had the ability to get the very best view in your house. He rolled over on his back and she climbed on top of him reverse cowgirl, her body perfectly profiled to me standing listed below against the light wall in the background.

She had ideal little B-cup tits that bounced gently as she started to ride up and down on his dick. She was petite, probably 5 ' 6″” 100-110 pounds with simply a remarkable body. What informed the whole story of what as taking place was her face. As she lowered her pussy down around his cock, her face clenched in enjoyment. I couldn ' t audibly hear her, but in my head I might hear the gasp she was letting out as he filled her.

She discovered the bottom of his dick and began to work herself up and down and find her rhythm. Raw pleasure as she found that sweet spot and grind out her orgasm on it

She sped up and slowed down numerous times, the extreme focus never ever leaving her face.

Then I heard it, that guttural groan when a female has a particularly extreme orgasm. Her face was nearly devoid of any expression as her entire body tensed up one last time.

She sat there, still impaled on his dick as she started to come back to the real world. Her face was looking like it was restoring composure prior to she raised her leg to roll off of him.

She took the position on her hands and knees on the bed, presenting her pussy and ass to him. He grabbed her hips and guided his cock inside her from behind. As he grabbed her hips, she put her face down into the bed. He wasn ' t well endowed, however he offseted it with interest. I might see her ass shaking as he continuously pounded versus her. When she bent down I might no longer see her face, or her tits. However the view of her ass in the air, cock splitting her lips open, sufficed to keep me occupied.

Just before he came, he pulled out of her pussy and moved it up her ass as he jerked his dick the last couple of times to orgasm and sprayed cum on her ass and up her back and continued to jerk himself off while he completed

Spent, they both fell over onto the bed and I believed that the best of the night was done. She got up from the bed and stretched, and strolled to the window and stood there, totally naked, looking out the window.

I was next to myself taking a look at her standing there in the window, gazing out into the darkness. It felt like an eternity of studying her however was most likely no longer than a minute. After that she relied on the space, kissed him and went to the bathroom to clean up the cum off of herself.

Like any excellent voyeur, I was so turned on that my ears were calling.

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