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As guaranteed another among my stories … I plan to beginning each one of these with this since each one is story in and of itself.

I worked as Director of Security for 2 years at a hotel. It was my job to be in the shadows and locations individuals usually weren’t which always provided me plausible deniability in the event somebody questioned why I happened to be somewhere. The names are changed, however the ages are real. I saw a lot of almost whatever, even took part in a couple of things along the way. This is just one of the voyeur stories I have.

One night I was standing at the front desk, the hotel was about 50% complete, which indicated that there wasn ' t a lot to do that night in terms of security, or anything exciting for that matter.

There was still 4 rooms to check-in for the night, however it was beginning to get late and we were figuring they wouldn ' t be showing up tonight. While I remained in my office, I brought up the electronic camera system to look around the hotel, which was actually a ghost town, I searched in the bar to see the exact same 4 guys that had actually been drinking because their arrival sometime the month prior, most of them would stumble towards a space and I would need to collect them up later to put them where they belonged.

As I swung an electronic camera around through the parking lot, the voyeur in me got something intriguing. I have discovered that there are particular things that you can observe, even on a fuzzy electronic camera that will ignite your interest. Strolling towards the hotel was a couple and she was wearing a common little black gown I sat there believing that I might simply have a good night after all, and things were slow enough that there wouldn ' t be 100 interruptions along the way.

I made my method to the front desk for their arrival.

When this woman strolled in, there wasn ' t a head in the lobby that didn ' t turn. Her skin was almost flawless and she simply had a practically ideal hourglass figure.

She was remarkable, to the black suede strappy heels with the little bow in front on the ankle. I had honestly pegged her straight off as a high end call woman. I had actually seen 1000 of them and had made enough small talk along the way to understand how the presented themselves.

I couldn ' t have been more incorrect about her.

I was more persuaded of her story by her ID.

After some small talk, informing them where things were around the residential or commercial property, they left to head to they space.

If there is one things I have learned about being a voyeur is to not draw attention or be non-memorable, and I had set myself up for success along the method. I would frequently stop in locations along my routes, sit for a bit, phone so that people were used to me being around and didn ' t think much of me loitering in a particular location for a length of time. Individuals also generally saw me at check in, so I was a familiar face and even one that they wanted to see around.

I got to the edge of our residential or commercial property where it surrounds the park and already knew the perfect tree as I waited for the light to come on.

Then lights unexpectedly turned on and they walked into the space. It was go time … I figured the first thing they would do, which everyone does, it close the curtains. This couple did not, which I discovered and however was odd.

They came in, put their bags down and checked out the space a little.

Her body was simply as perfect under her dress.

I was enjoying this all from about 30 feet away. Had learned that being a genuine voyeur is not the very same as porn, not everybody you see sitting in a bed masturbates every time.

Her other half came out of the bathroom in just a towel and sat on the bed next to her.

She gradually unwrapped the towel that was around his waist and moved down over him in the bed, I could see the back of her thong vanishing between into her perfect ass cheeks, coming back over her pussy, the material stretched tight over her lips. Her head started to bob up and down on his lap, at fist sluggish and deliberately, drawing on his cock. She was just off to his side, so I could see his whole length disappear into in between her lips.

I looked for what seemed like an hour, but in reality was about 10 min as she tackled drawing on him in various methods, however quickly she began to go faster, her head bobbing up and down at a quickening speed, and I understood that he was getting close.

What I was wishing for was him to stop her and bend her over the bed and sliding into her from behind, however simply as I daydreamed about that, the TV in the space went black. Had I missed him turning it off? Was this a commercial?

I was about 15 sec of darkness, then the room was then unexpected illuminate with bright white light, his hands had actually found their method to her tits, massaging them though the large fabric, her nipples still hard like diamonds as he started pinching them. He had that almost agonizing search his face that men get when they orgasm, the light of the TELEVISION making it appear even more noticable.

He was cumming right prior to my eyes, in her mouth and she was taking every drop of it and pleading for more. She continued to suck on his cock, draining it of every bit she might prior to she fell over the his side and they switched off the TELEVISION for the night and went to bed.

Still foggy from the adrenaline, I made my method back inside and completed my rounds. However I understood they were remaining another night, and I was going to maximize that …

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