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I worked as Director of Security for 2 years at a hotel. It was my job to be in the shadows and places people normally weren’t which always gave me plausible deniability in the event someone questioned why I happened to be somewhere. The names are changed, but the ages are real. I saw a lot of just about everything, even participated in a few things along the way. But this is just one of the voyeur stories I have.

One particular evening I was coming around the side of our pool building. It was inside behind a mostly glass facade, but being 1030pm they were like mirrors to anyone inside as I learned though a few months of testing and observing when I was in there.

The hot tub was where most people decided they wanted to fool around, and I would sit in a closed maintenance section and wait until I saw the tell tale sings of a couple that I knew was probably going fool around. I don’t know why they got so easy to spot, but after a while they just do. I would then sneak down to the windows that were about 2ft away where I had a hide in an area off limits to the public and somewhere none of the staff ever went anyway.

Most all of the couples that I saw would make out for a bit, maybe a quick hand job and then lose their nerve or someone would come to the pool desk and they would stop. Which was usually disappointing, but that’s the life of a voyeur sometimes.

One evening I was not really watching the hot tub for action because it was a slow winter night. During my rounds I came around the corner of the pool building and looked down like I normally did to check the hot tub and looked right into the face of a 22yo brunette, her small A-cup tits and puffy nipples hanging just outside of her suit in someone’s face. There was a slight bounce to her tits I caught as she bounced up and down. We will call her Beth to simplify.

Because I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there I would have been busted straight off, but by the grace of god her eyes were closed in that moment and she didn’t see Me just outside the window, so I was able to get back behind the building to my place to see. Oh did I get a view…

I had seen her earlier in the evening with her SO and another couple. The other couple was slightly older, probably in their late 20s or so, and I had already made note of the room numbers to take a look at their windows on my rounds anyway because the other chick was 28(as I found out) and that kind of a slender sexy with dirty blond hair. (We will call her Jennifer)

Because of the depth and the way it sits it’s hard to see who someone is in the hot tub with, and I had assumed she was riding her boyfriend. What I saw when I got settled in was not her SO, but the chick from the other couple and they were grinding on one another in the hot tub and I was the only one with a view.

At first Beth was bouncing slightly, almost unnoticeably up and down. What gave it away was he face. Eyes closed, head back with the mischievous grin as she straddled Jennifer’s leg underwater. She was working back and forth on her leg or hand underwater.

Jennifer then reached up and began biting her nipples gently and rubbing her small, puffy tits. This obviously was enough to cause Beth to orgasm, because I could hear the moan though the weatherproof glass as her face contorted and she slumped down against Jennifer’s tits.

I was absolutely motionless watching this, feeling as if I was floating there 2ft away, totally invisible to them and everyone else. You still feel paranoid, vulnerable to being seen and then subsequently judged by someone, even when you know you’re good. It’s the adrenaline, it pounds in your ears.

I continued to watch as Beth tugged her own nipples one last time, he face giving that last little bit of pleasure. She then covered her little tits slid off and sat beside Jennifer in the hot tub. I was rock hard and knowing I was in a relatively safe place, decided to pull my cock out because I was almost too painful now.

Beth reached down in the water and, what I presume, started fingering Jennifer. One of the best things about being a voyeur isn’t necessarily seeing the sex, but seeing the private moment and the pleasure on someone’s face. Hearing the moans is someone. That was about the only view I got, but got to listen to Jennifer gently wimpier though the window, her face contorting but trying not to give away what was a happening beneath the bubbles.

Jennifer reached down momentarily, and I thought we was going to stop her friend there from continuing. But she wasn’t, she wanted to move across the hot tub so they were facing me and not the courtyard of people on the other side of the pool building.

I was getting the best view I could of both of their faces, Jennifer letting herself go now, knowing all anyone could see was the back of her head. (Or so she thought ?)

Between the adrenaline and seeing what I was, I wasn’t able to last long at all. I could now make out Beth’s fingers beneath the water, running into her friends bathing suit bottom, the thin fabric moving up and down.

I could only fantasize at what she was doing to Jennifer’s pussy. Rubbing her clit? Fingering her wet hole? But what made me blow my load on the ground was Jennifer’s orgasm, that secret way women orgasm, her body shuddering continuously, her eyes rolled back and head laid on the pool deck looking straight up in ecstasy will forever be etched into my brain.

I saw the 4 of them later that evening having dinner together in our restaurant and had to wonder if either of their SO’s knew what they had done earlier… I know I did.

I have more of these, quite a few actually. If response is positive I’ll keep posting more.

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