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Sleeps with easy roomate.

Gf – last hook up.

Roomates – at least 2 maybe more. One is easy and hooks up with bf and then chad.

Chad/alpha – physically exceptional. Looks and size.

First, bf hooks up with easy roomate and then she later on hooks up with chad after the first party/meet up.

Guy spies on them outside a window through the blinds and learns she was faking it with him as she is seen and heard yelling. Keeps in mind no screams when he penetrated her.

Next celebration, every woman is competing for chads attention consisting of easy girl and his crush. Man tries to hookup with simple woman however shes remote and focused on chad. Chad entrusts another roomate leaving her saddened and unresponsive to bf advances.

Ultimately beds gf(?).

Crush storyline is about “” all women are alike”” and how they state appearances and size put on ' t matter however acts in a different way.

Terms like chad/alpha are stressed.

Elements of Voyeurism. Cuckoldry. Size comparison. Alpha/chad. Friendzone.


College with roomates.

Believe mutliple stories and not one long one.

The bf and gf information are confusing becuase why would he hook up with easy roomate if he remains in relationship.

The bf and easy roomate connection definitely occurred.

Think their is no bf and gf relationship and he similar to her.

He was probably friendzoned which harmed more when chad hooked up with her depsite her claims and prudish behavior. Pleasing “” all ladies are alike”” story.

I be wild about voyeurs motel, because they are interesting., Help finding story. Chad/alpha sleeps with people roomate as he spies on them, I love voyeurs implying, since they are the substantial!,.

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