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Pastor Edward Fairley, a charismatic preacher charms his way into a new parish in New Jersey and eventually submits to infidelity and obsession. | For more, visit

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Have Sex With Me, Or I Will End Your Marriage | Sinister Ministers: Collared
[Music].the Reverend is married but so his ego he seems to think he’s for more than one woman.and he can’t help but have feelings for.his associate simone shields a man.Simone’s the teacher in Paterson he kind.of looked at her someone who was a.follower almost like an apostle or.something and I love what you said soon.they share more than just a passion for.God fairly make Simone a minister in his.own church ahead both of them are.violating their oath as ministers this.had to be a very very strong and a very.very passionate sexual relationship.but Simone becomes tired of being the.other woman she’s met a new man and.wants to start afresh I can’t do this.anymore.finally she decided this is it let’s end.this let me get married let’s stay.friends.will still be colleagues at the church.let me move on that doesn’t fly with.fairly his narcissistic needs kicked in.and it was your mind I will control you.gave your mind my father immediately.fell into his emotions my father lose a lot of weight.he was obsessed with her.we kept on telling him dead let it go.but Edward Farrelly’s demons have been.unleashed.and he comes up with a plan to stop before things went sour.he had surreptitiously taken pictures of.videos and photographs of them together she started texting to her and said if you don’t.continue to release have sex with me I’m.gonna text these pictures to your fiance.release of the sexual videos was a shot.of course about and it means I’m capable.of a lot be careful.
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