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Having people stay over your house can always be a huge hassle. You have to keep them occupied and happy. You have to feed them and make sure they get everything that they have at home. Of course, for the guests, this can go a lot further than you think. Any guest you have over would otherwise be at home masturbating at the end of the day. They’re not just going to stop because they’re sleeping somewhere else. They might try to hide it, but they’re still doing it. All you really have to do is set up a hidden camera to capture it all. It’s just a given that there are going to orgasm in your home. You may as well see it for yourself.

Set them up everywhere

You don’t just want a camera where they’re going to be sleeping. You want them in every room of the house. You never know where the masturbation is going to happen. Some guests like to get it all out of the way in the bathroom. It makes a lot of sense. They can get ready for bed and have an orgasm to help them drift off. Just look at Voyeur Villa to see how many of them are masturbating on the toilet. That’s why you definitely want a camera in there. If you get yourself an especially horny guest, you can catch them masturbating in the shower in the morning as well. No matter how many times they cum, you want to make sure you catch it all.

Don’t forget the living room

Most people skip the living room camera. This is always a mistake. You want to make sure that you have a camera in there. You can catch your guests masturbating whenever they’re alone. If everyone else is out of the room, there’s no reason for them to not spread their legs and just go for it. Most guests will try to cum as quickly as they possibly can, then just close their legs and act like nothing happened when everyone gets back.
Friend Masturbating In My House On Hidden Cam

See it for yourself

You can find the proof you need right now. The cameras here are all over the world. You can find a guest masturbating somewhere, no matter what time it happens to be for you. Just go and see how often it happens. You’ll be shocked.

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