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Jimmy Rader has lived on Sunray Rd. in Kettering for more than five years. He has a 9-year-old daughter. Rader heard about a registered sex offender being accused of looking into a kid’s window in his neighborhood. “Complete surprise because normally, like I said I keep an eye out on the neighborhood and it’s just the fact, like I said it’s mostly elderly and children, families, people with children that live in this neighborhood,” said Rader. On Tuesday, someone called police saying they saw a suspicious guy looking through the window of his neighbor’s house. Not only did he make the call though, he kept an eye on the man until officers showed up. “I’m just excited that somebody saw this guy and did something about it,” said Rader. Police arrested Daniel Scott Reindel, 41, of Dayton. He is in the Kettering jail as of this writing on Voyeurism and Aggravated Trespassing charges. Since the victim was a juvenile, the Voyeurism charge is a felony. Officers say this isn’t the first time Reindel has done this. He was convicted in 2006 of Voyeurism and is now a registered sex offender. “I kind of got furious because these people are just out and about and like I said if nobody does something about it they just keep coming back and back,” said Rader. Rader says he’s worked with some of his neighbors to really make the neighborhood watch program effective. It looks like it’s working. “That’s awesome! Like I said more people need to be more observant of their surroundings,” said Rader. Click here to find sex offenders in your neighborhood.
Dayton Man Arrested On Voyeurism Charges

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