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My wife loves to dance. Years ago before we went full Femdom/cuckold we had a hobby called dance nights. We would go to clubs and sit separately while I sat drinking coffee for the drive home while I watched her drink dance and interact with other guys. The slow dances were the ones I liked best. Some of the guys would take every liberty feeling her up as one can in public. Some guys would coax her to sit in a dark corner booth with him and they would kiss and neck sometimes practically fucking right there. We did this for many weekends, we both got pleasure out of it! This one nite at some point she and some guy went outside for a bit. I thought nothing of it since was a very hot summer night. We get home to go to bed as she undressed I notice she has no panties on. I thought nothing but could have sworn she wore some when we left, kept my mouth shut. Next morning woke about 10 and made coffee and brought her a cup and woke her. As we talked and drank coffee I asked if she enjoyed her evening. She breaks down crying. I ask what is wrong. She confesses that Jamaal the guy she danced with took her out for fresh air because the booze was going to her head. They get out and wind up in his car because he wants to smoke a bowl. She said she smoked some and you know how I get with alcohol and pot. She then says one thing led to another and he got her panties off and was fingering her down there. She said she got so hot she sucked him off. She said after she swallowed all she could think of is getting back in the club as fast as possible and forgot her panties in his car. She said she meant to retrieve them but forgot about them till we got home. That kinda broke the dam to bigger things after she found out I was more intrigued than at all upset. Within 6 months or so she fucked a dude!

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