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BOBTV Reviews Mika VS Joe :The Tara Reade Sexual Assault Scandal
[Music].hey good day welcome to another episode.of ride report i’m your host robert you doing today we got something about seems we gotten to the point where.the voting for the lesser of two evils.continue to drag this country down.a pit.whoever fish this horrible.philosophy well he’s better than the.other person.or he’s a d and he’s a r and all that.kind of stuff instead of looking at.honor.integrity track record.the ability to serve the community the.ability right by your personal community.we’ve gotten to the point now where we.had we went all the way down i 2016 i mean.2008 it was obama versus clinton.and hillary clinton did everything she.could to smear obama.the birthism did not start with trump.trump just capitalized on that.the birthism started with debbie.wasserman.was doing whatever she could to do to.kiss hillary clinton’s behind.that she found the picture of obama in.muslim guard.not even muslim guard african guard when.he went to visit his dead in kenya.and tried to play him as a republicans capitalized on that who.did it.right-wing centrist democrats.they started that birtherism trump.capitalized on start running his mouth.[Music].a lot of republicans started shaming.barack obama calling him a muslim and.everybody was going around thinking he.was a muslim.and he wasn’t he’s a christian.[Music].and yet she was doing everything she can.she wouldn’t even get out the race.because she.figured hey here’s a black man running.for office you know uh bobby kennedy.he you know then she gonna mention bobby.kennedy in the summertime you know what.happened to bobby kennedy in the.summertime he got killed.she actually had in her mind that i’m.gonna stay in the race just in case.somebody do something dumb.and not barack obama um out of this race.she was actually believing with that.sadistic i’m telling you she’s she always been sadistic but the.sadistic mindset.that i’m going to stay in the race in.until june know bobby kennedy’s standing right.what that got to do with has everything to do with everything.because she was hoping that somebody.would hate the fact that a black man.would take the position over a white.woman.for president that she really her this.sick this sick this i can’t even say it.sadistic heart.did somebody knock barack obama out of.the got people like that i mean you know.even people right now they’re they’re.hoping for something to uh biting out the race.since the whole democratic party.coalesced against bernie sanders and.cheated him again and bernie sanders.court side with them because he kept them instead of his supporters that’s.another thing we could talk kept your words to democrat you.choose the democratic party over your.supporters.and you think the supporters gonna.follow the leader and vote.for whoever you side with no no but.that’s another they figured um you know then we had.the puma situation.part of unity in my behind these were.hillary clinton supporters that vote for a black man.and all of them a lot of them went and.voted for john mccain and still for what they thought was the.lesser of the two evil because obviously.they believe this black man is a muslim.and he got to be.evil somewhere we can’t let this with the name.barack hussein which is a middle sound like osama become president.all right so we’re going to get into.this what that led us to was the lesson.of two evils again.barack obama obama become president barack obama credit outstanding.campaigner um um speaker outstanding on the.campaign trail.spending time with people on farms.eating cotton candy.going down to farm country black men.well half black half white man.with his black wife and his black kids.going down to farm country.going down to the hard hit industrial.areas that the crime.uh that hillary clinton and bill clinton.uh um.policies devastated barack obama goes to.those areas and campaigned in those.areas.and that’s how he won in 2008 and that’ he 2016 i mean uh 2012.against mitt romney voting for the less.of two eagles.okay here come hillary clinton time.2008. she just thought.she should automatically be crowned democratic nominee and she hate the.fact that she got the challenge for.bernie sanders.and they want to blame everything on.everybody but her.not being a good campaigner.and good on the campaigning trail she.want to send everybody else to do all.her talking.all her campaigning while she go to the.bougie area.she didn’t go to farm town she didn’t the hard hit areas that her and her.husband.devastated she didn’t go out down there.she wasn’t willing to do it.but here come donald trump mouthed.almighty tongue everlasting.liar just like she is grew up just like.she is.goes on um goats on the campaign trail.bernie is out the race so i paint be left to clinton i’ll make the de facto bernie sanders person.matter of fact i’m gonna go to places.where hillary clinton wouldn’t step country industrial town.the places that you need to win’s the electoral college that.determines the presidency.not the popular vote and that’s why he.won.and ain’t got nothing to do with because she a politician she didn’t do nothing york.she didn’t do nothing she her record is.fabricated.go look at it i challenge anybody to go look at our.hillary clinton record you see it’s not.all that stellar.i challenge you to look at our secretary of state.and i challenge you horrible the only.thing she was good at was helping first lady passing legislation but.the lesser of two evils.trump is the rapist trump the um uh he.has all these.accusers i’m just hillary clinton.i’m just a woman who’s trying to break.that glass ceiling but what.trump brings in her husband a freaking debate tell you man you.ain’t go this guy has.nothing to lose nothing he don’t care.what you say about him.and he don’t care.and that’s why a lot of people like him.people don’t want to say politician.that’s why elizabeth warren has fallen.down in the ranks.another liar and one thing i can’t a lying the lesser of two evils well people.figure trump was the less of the two.evils.and someone voted for him and now here.we go fast forward.trump is a racist bigot according with the rape allegation.trump had those herman k had rape.allegations.brett kavanaugh rape allegations bill.clinton rape if barack obama would have had rape.allegations man they would have dropped.him like a hot it does matter barack obama with his.half.white privilege couldn’t fan him through.something like a rape allegation.but i think he probably had some they.had some fake gay.allegations about him that didn’t go.nowhere but nevertheless where you with this it is now got people voting for people who.they believe is the most electable.because they so scared of trump they.won’t believe.they won’t vote for honor they won’ for integrity.they won’t vote for the person who has.the plans and the policies to lift them.up.and help them out especially when it.comes to black people this year in a then vote on policies they vote on.personality the worst thing to vote on.they did that with hillary clinton.[Music].people actually thought hillary clinton.was going to have her husband in the.white house.leading her in actually thought that black my black.brothers and sisters.that if we get hillary clinton back in.the white house bill clinton to be in.the white house.and bill clinton gonna be an advisor.bill clinton haven’t advised that woman.since she started.bill clinton wasn’t even advising her as.first lady.she wrote her parents in that.relationship bill clinton ain’t telling.hillary clinton what to do.hillary clinton more stronger than bill.clinton in a whole lot of areas.and more ruthless and more vicious comes to legislating.well we gonna have bill clinton and the.same thing is going on right now where.we gonna get if we get joe biden in obama gonna be there barack obama.ain’t his wife.what make you think barack obama is.going to be in the white house.michelle ain’t going to let him be in.the house where he might pick his if he could pick her all day long.michelle obama said she won’t have.nothing to do with politics.she is done she did her eight years.supporting her husband they got her.their milk million dollar house vineyard and their million.dollar house in are growing up she’s done.well you know um joe biden going.probably put her on the supreme don’t understand the power of a.supportive wife.[Music].she did not want it was it wasn’t all.that rosy for um be barack obama’s.wife not saying that i mean they got a.beautiful marriage don’t get me wrong.but i’m saying knowing that your president.and you got fools out here willing to.kill you and your kids and you.and you want her to go back into that.line like stop.stop now joe biden said he’s going to.pick a woman.for vp i guarantee you i guarantee you.he’ll probably be kirsten gillibrand amy.carver charles.some people think it’ll be elizabeth.warren which probably would be the.smaller pick if you can get a few of the people who.supported bernie sanders platform.but the people who truly support bernie.sanders platform.if elizabeth warren ain’t doing that any other person running for vice.president.stacey abram kissing um joe biden’s.behind you oh god elizabeth warren she just made.herself look like a fool when rachel.meadows.acts oh yeah oh how would him.would you be here would you be happy his vice president yeah.[Music].stacy abram doing whatever she can sister doing whatever she can.first of all let me get to the stacey.abram thing.stacy abrams ran for governor of georgia.stacey abram was running against the.secretary of state of georgia.the secretary of state controls the.election.stacey abrams didn’t have the um.ovaries she didn’t have the ovaries to.demand that he stepped down from his.position.because it’s a conflict of interest she.didn’t get.people behind her to demand that he.stepped down.because that was the smart political.thing to do if you got somebody who runs.the election.running against you for governor that.guy needs to step down from his position.why.because he still runs the election when she gets cheated.she’s a she she bow downs.just say um she don’t even investigate.she starts a new initiative to the only way to make voting.better is ranked choice voting and paper.ballots.and if you’re not talking that can’t make better not if you’re still using.computers and machines.and now you want her to be vice.president what is she offering.other than that she’s black no don’t wrong i think nina turner a black.unapologetic black woman know who bernie sanders often time.dissed.i think she’ll make a good vp and will.bring in more bernie sanders supporters.the people who support that platform.than anybody that joe biden would pick.if he want to win.the two people that he would pick bernie sanders if.not bernie sanders it should be.nina turner but no because nina unapologetically black first.and un unapologetically um not gonna be.kissing nobody behind.i mean she may be in a democratic party.but she ain’t kissing everybody behind.any democratic party that i can tell you.she’s not gonna fall in line.and her vote is her vote and she ain’t.gonna let you know who she vote for.just like i’m not letting you know who for cause it’s none yet business.but i tell you who i ain’t voting for.i’m not voting for two.pathological liars bernie sanders.trump and biden i’m not voting for two.bigots trump and biden oh you didn’t.think biden was a bigot have you this bigot record have you looked at.that crime bill that’s one of the most.biggest.pieces of legislation that he proudly.take claimed for that put more black men.and women in jail put kids in jail for some of the.stupidest things and gave police free.reign just dominate black people at will.even fund them gave the states put black people in jail didn’t care.whether there was innocent or guilty put.him in jail.gave police the authority to plant stuff.on black be able to throw them on the ground.and brutalize them take them somewhere.beat them up question them and then.throw them out the car and you couldn’t.even do nothing about it.yeah that’s the crime bill and yeah.bernie sanders voted for that too.[Music].you think bigots are just in a a a party thing.i love my mama i love my sweet mama oh my mama.i had to tell my mama look not only rich.people are in a republican party there’s.just as many rich people in the.democratic party.not only republican or racist they’re.racist in the democratic party too don’ dare.think that who told you that they’re not.well they let a black man become.president that don’t mean nothing.have black half white somebody that they.can control.and believe me the republicans had and democrats had plenty of control.on obama that a lot of things that obama.wished he could do he couldn’t did it.not to mention two bigots running now you got two people who have.rape allegations.[Music].now tara reid let’s talk about tariq.tar reed has been trying her best to.tell her story.about that night with um that day with.joe biden.but just like anybody that’s a victim.they don’t know where to go with it they.don’t know who to trust who to tell.because that person may turn on you.[Music].and you got to understand what do you.think they get these ideas for these.movies like scandal and.and and um um you know um house of cards.because politicians are that sadistic.that power hungry.and think they got that kind of power.well they figured they can dominate hey we got a baby in the house so look and what gets me is people.want to take sides.i had a young lady gonna say well how.come she waited to now.she didn’t wait till now to come out.she’s been trying to come out.she first of all she didn’t know how to.come out you should go to the hill and.listen to that interview with um.crystal and sagar and you’ll hear her.story that.she didn’t know how to come out she.didn’t know which way to go.she went to me too and they shut her.down she went to time’s up they shut her.down.time’s up shut her down because they’re.big contributors to joe biden.time’s up a organization that’s help women.get their story out about an allegation.time’s up shutter down why because time.shut a run by times.up and me too movement is run by.powerful.democratic tied organization.[Music].when brett kavanaugh came out with his.accuser time’s up and all of them.backed the accuser of brett kavanaugh.but now it’s joe biden’s turn.where’s time’s up where’s me too.they’re not going to do anything because.they’re they’re different they’re a.democratic operative.just like republican organizations are.not going to do nothing against trump.because there’s a republican that’s why.they need to be investigation.that’s why they need to not just take.people’s word for it now joe biden.finally came.out and made a statement on this.and the only reason he came down and.said a statement on because he hoping this would just go.away.he was hoping that people like me and.other people like this is not going’m going to report the news i don’ about many times i got to tell you about.that i vote on individuals.i’m not here to support your party.platform i’m not here to support agenda.half of the time both parties and both.platforms.are anti-black.there’s nothing in it for black people.everybody else latinos it for gay people it’s in effect for.the chinese is in it for the.but none for no i’m not gonna take no signs on.this situation and shame on.anybody as soon as brett kavanaugh came.out i think he did it.i think brett kavanaugh did it brett.kavanaugh was.a a college kid this thing is this.tyrese store is 20 some years ago.what brett kavanaugh’s store was i think.30 years ago.brett kavanaugh was in college for his.rape allegation.and his story is compelling.[Music].joe biden went straight e.t on her that.long.[Music].finger.and yes there’s council well how come.nobody that worked there tells a story.who is going to be dumb enough to tell.somebody on the job that.their supervisor sexually assaulted them.who’s going why would i tell you that.especially when you probably cool with.the supervisor and you’re probably.working for the supervisor.and the supervis why would i tell you.that.i wouldn’t tell nobody on my job about.what happened.immorally on the job not something like.that so take that mess and throw it.throw it out throw it somewhere stick it.up your butt just take it.turn it sideways stick it up your butt.stop making wasn’t making excuse for herman cain.when his leg.his accusers came out you made it made excuses for.uh see this is that side ism i hate that territory.territorial stuff i hate i hate i hate it when people want to take.sides when it comes to.a moral issue only they can do it.we don’t do that stuff it’s a doesn’t matter what side of the franklin stepped.down because he hoped him stepping down.from his posit position.would shame the kavanaugh situation and.with shame trump and they’re no you’re gonna always have that think they can overly aggress.aggressively dominate a woman.[Music].it ain’t got nothing to do with parties.but you want to make it about parties.because you want to get trump out so bad.and i get it.[Music].that you want to cover up for joke.anybody who got rape allegations should.not be in the office.of that caliber anyway if you got an.allegation.i don’t care if it’s trump i don’t care.if it’s biden i don’t care if it’s.herman cain i don’t care if it’s al.franklin if you got those kind of.allegations.the proper thing is to investigate it.and stop blowing it off.but those people if they’re being.investigated they need to step down from.their position.why because we need to get back to honor.integrity and uh.and the ability to get work done for the.american people.versus these clubisms i’m part of the.democratic club.i’m part of a republican club i got trump i’m part of i got to support by no matter.what he did.i believe trump i believe biden i don’t.believe trump did it i don’t believe.badendor you don’t don’t know let the lady tell her.story.and then you figure that out from there.i did a video of joe biden actually.yeah i could look up that video.the video is up there i did a video of.joe biden.talking about rape issues talking about.sexual allegation issue.he started to champion those issues.i was told by my first wife.that whenever somebody want to champion.something you got to understand they got.a connection to it.if you if if you make something a.mission in your the moon shot for cancer joe biden.was on that.and the reason he was on that because.his son beau died of he was attached to that he had a.reason to try to push that now i haven’t.heard anything on that since then.[Music].but your greatest issue that you want to.try to fix.that you champion is something’ve experienced let’s listen to joe biden talk about.his let’s listen to joe biden this allegation.from tara reed.hey coach um um i put up a video.yesterday.uh my um commentary on mika brzezinski’s.brzezinski’s uh interview with joe biden.about the allegations from tara reid.and they not only did they demonetize.they took it down they gave me a.copyright strike now i’ve been doing.msnbc.interview full interviews and for some.reason.they hit me on this one so i’m gonna.have to put in fair.use tactics and challenge them on um so bear with me this is gonna be.a little long but we need to talk now i get mika brzezinski half props.for doing a halfway decent job of.playing johnny cochran.if the glove don’t fit you must the thing is it sounds like she was.helping.tara but at the same time she was.helping joe.and in situations like this you got the news news reporters it’s your job to.investigate.and have no bias but it is not the job.of the news reporter to determine who’s.guilty who is not his guilt.not guilty that is the job of a trial or.investigation first then a should joe biden stand trial for.this everybody should go through a.hearing at least.about a situation like this before tapped.for position of power so we’re going to.go over this and i’m going to be.breaking it down like i normally do i.used i said i’m gonna start a new show.called the breakdown.i think what i’m gonna do in the future.i may let this guy who has the this channel and i’m gonna give him.i mean not this channel but have the rod report.and then i’m gonna give him my logo and.let him be.the raw report because i believe god can.always expand something there something else bigger.and different.but let’s go go through this because a lot of talk to talk about i’m.trying not to stop too many times but going to be stopping this number one.for fair use practices because i need to.commentate on it.and number two because i got a lot to.say and i want to hear what you guys on each one of them so give me a.moment.the apparent democratic nominee for okay.let’s bring in the apparent democratic.nominee.for president former vice president joe.biden.the apparent nominee ski.he appears to be the nominee but he’s.not.he have not hit the magic number bernie.sanders suspended his campaign dumbest.move you can ever do joe biden got all.this baggage.and you’re going to suspend your.campaign you’re going to let people like.whoopi goldberg and all them people out.what happened to the bernie sanders i.was you know you ever seen the water boy.when uh everybody had a picture of their.mama on.uh and he was trying to hit him or.everybody had looked like his daddy.and it fueled him to knock these people.out well i wish bernie sanders put um.uh alan greenspan face on all these.people so he can really go after them.because bernie sanders they tomorrow.bernie sanders too nice he’s too kind he.too he ain’t when it comes to the right.people that he wants to go after he.ain’t nice he goes after them.anyway let me keep going mr vice.president thank you.for coming on the show this morning we.have happy birthday.a lot we want to ask you this morning.joe and willie will.join in just a moment for questions you would handle this pandemic.that campaign before we get into this understand.the media that’s biased news have one oh or whatever called.oe or something one america i mean um.the republicans have one america have the daily caller.the republican have i think the uh brett um breitba.breitbart um the republican news and the democratic party has.people like the um time i mean washington the washington post uh anyway they.have msnbc.see uh msnbc nbc.cnn everybody got biased media.that’s why a lot of times people look and ask me as i’m a russian puppet.because i.listen to rt because rt is not biased.and while let’s do my boy jamal thomas.on sputnik because.they’re not biased so of course.since joe and mika are friends of the.obama administration and friends of joe.biden.they they they hang out together caviar together they cocktail.together bougie parties together they’re.friends so mind you.mika gonna come looking tough but i.guarantee you this whole thing was be this way to make it look like joe.has really defended himself.and that he’s going to come out pretty.on this so watch mika do her best.impression.of johnny cochran a best.impression of judge joe brown the of the day.but at the start it’s just going to and me and i want to get right to.the allegation made.against you by tara reid so.the former senate aide accuses you of.sexual assault.and please uh to our viewers please.excuse.the graphic nature of this but i want to.make sure that there question as to what we’re talking.about.she says in 1993 mr vice president pinned her against the wall.and reached under her clothing and.penetrated her with your fingers.would you please go on the record with.the american people.did you sexually assault tara it is not true i’m saying.unequivocally it never.never happened and it didn’t it you got’re expecting joe biden to say did.did you expect um um um um.bill clinton to say yeah i did have.sexual relationships with that bill bill clinton said this.but i want to say one thing to the.american people.i want you to listen to me i’m going to.say this again.i did not have sexual relations with.that woman miss lewinsky.i never told anybody to lie not a single.time.never these allegations are false.and i need to go back to work for the.american people.thank you well i’ve already said that.the charges are false.but there is an ongoing investigation.and i think it’s important.that i go back and do the work for the.american people that i was hired to do.i think that’s what i have to do now i.can only say it.i said the charges aren’t true there’ investigation going on while that’s.going’s my duty to keep doing the job i was.hired to do by the american people.and that’s my position in a few days he.said this.indeed i did have a relationship with.miss lewinsky that was not.appropriate in fact it was constituted a critical lapse in.judgment and a personal failure on my.part.for which i am solely and completely.responsible but some of you actually.think just because joe denied it well he.denied it know and i believe joe and i trust.joe you can’t.why do you trust this man you don’t know.why do you trust anybody but you you’re.willing to trust the victims when it.came to herman king.number one in all of my.over 40 years of business experience.running businesses and corporations.i have never sexually harassed.anyone number two.while at the restaurant association i.was.accused of sexual harassment.falsely accused i might add i was.falsely accused of.sexual harassment and when the charges.were the leader of the organization i.recused myself.and allowed my general counsel and my.human resource.officer to deal with the situation.and it was concluded after.a thorough investigation that it had no.basis as far as a settlement.i am unaware of any sort of settlement i.hope it wasn’t for much.because i didn’t do anything but the.fact of the matter is i’m not aware of a.settlement.that came out of that accusation one.incident with.the one who made the formal charge the.only one that i could recall.after a day of trying to remember.specifics was once i referenced this.lady’s height.and i was standing near her and i did.this’re the same height as my wife.because my wife is five feet tall.and she comes up to my chin this lady is.five feet tall and she came up to my.chin so.obviously she thought that that was too.close for comfort.was there any behavior on your part think.might have been inappropriate in but as you would imagine it’ the eye of the person who thinks that.maybe i crossed the line.i worked for the department of the navy.the coca-cola company pillsbury.burger king godfather’s pizza.years and years and years of working in.the business environment working women all types of people never.never accused of any sort of sexual.harassment.i have never sexual harassed anyone false allegation to now come up is.kind of’re willing to trust the victim came to brett kavanaugh with his wife.ashley at his side.judge brett kavanaugh told fox news he.never.sexually assaulted anyone we’re looking.for a fair process where.i can be heard and defend the my.integrity my lifelong lifelong record of promoting.dignity and equality for women starting.with the women.who knew me when i was 14 years protesters filled the halls of.congress.[Applause].parker that as a student at had exposed himself at a.drunken dormitory party.thrust his penis in her face and caused.her to touch it without her she pushed him away hawaii democrat.maisie hirono because they really.believe.that women just sit around making up.these things how credible do you.think her story is given that she.herself admits.she’s got some memory gaps this is why.the fbi.needs to investigate i’ve never sexually.assaulted anyone i did not have sexual.intercourse.or anything close to sexual high school or for many years.thereafter willing quickly.guilty to proven innocent he’s guilty.i know he did it look at him i know he.all them republicans do it.democrats don’t do that this ain’t got.nothing to do with.political parties these are human beings.that got to do with it it’s like folks don’t church folks sin too that’s why they.go to church because they’re trying to.fight to.beat the sin.they don’t supposed to say who told you.they don’t supposed to sin.this got nothing to do with church nothing to do with political parties.this is human reaction and people not.being able to control it.and it has nothing to do with a and a democrat can rape somebody.just like a republican.can rape of course he gonna say no this on his way to the.possibly being trump and going to the.white house and i get it everybody be.trump.two people right now the person right now donald j.trump has been a pathological liar as.bernie sanders would say is a bernie was saying.and a men who have consistent rape.allegations.or inappropriate touching.and you guys were happy that was.something you could stick to him.and one reason i hate him now you got.joe biden.uncle joe as you guys call him.who is himself is a pathological lie the.way he lied on that debate.stage against bernie sanders man he was weaving up a rug to lay it.down himself.i thought he was persian and he a rug because he showed a line.pathological liar a bigot how can joe biden a bigot look at his.legislation look at his record.the man was buddy the buddy and chum.chums with some of the biggest racist history people like james.eastland and all of them.they called him son they signed him up.that’s our boy he’s growing up in our.favor ain’t gonna be just created the one of racist policies in.history not only did he use the a racist not um the drug war as a.racist come after blacks and latinos.and don’t do nothing for white people.and the white people who took those.drugs.he developed the crime bill his baby.from his own heart from his own mind his.proudest achievement.the crime bill to give police.authorities the not only attack black men and black.women at will especially.a young one but the ability to prosecute.them.and the ability to put them in jail are some of the dumbest things in.history.i steal two stakes i gotta go to jail.if i do that three times i’m in jail instituted not only jim crow.a new jim crow it also opened up what century slavery when we’re allowing.the police department the drive black people through the prison.system to get them to to cheap labor most of time is free.and here kamala harris and all these.other people were championing that in.their own.political of course he gonna deny it and let me.keep going i’m you remember her do you remember any.any types of complaints that she might.have made.i don’t remember any type of complaint.she may have was 27 years ago and uh.i don’t remember nor does anyone else.that i’m aware of.that’s not the question she asks you joe.about anyone you remember the of course he’s going to deny why.would he say he remember the complaint.he in the hot seat.because he’s if i don’t need to put a.lie on top of another lie so i got know if i tell the truth i’m no i don’t remember it what man is.going to say they remember somebody.following sexual allegations against.them.especially when they trying to get a.position that if he admits it.he’s going to lose that opportunity the president.if he’d admit it number one fear.the number one reason people will lie is.the fear of the result of the lie.and fear of the result of telling the.truth.i fear that if i tell you the truth this.may happen.that may happen and that’s why they.choose to continue to add online on top.of lie on top of lie.and what you see here is joe biden being.the lego blocks layers.of lying just like trump trump has built.trump towers.on lego lies.and you think joe biden can’t do that.well he’s a democrat and can’t do that.just got nothing to do with being has to do with being a man who.cannot control himself.and at that time joe was a semi sharp looking man good powerful in the senate very.powerful that people would do anything.they could to work around joe and work.for joe.because as obama said joe gets stuff.done the problem is most of the things.that joe got done.were not good things.if it wasn’t for obama joe biden.wouldn’t be in the position that he in.right now.because joe biden wasn’t held as a.friend of black people.only after he set as barack obama’s vp.he became a friend of black people same time he still wasn’t a friend.of black of course he’s not going to and let’s.say they were fouls in the archive.let’s say somebody did foul wherever.this person wherever terror files it.if these people are on the side of joe.if these people want to impress.joe if these people want to work for joe.if these people figure they can get.something from joe.what do you think they’re going to do.especially in 1990s.everything you did was mainly paper you.didn’t do it by computer.the early 90s now so of course to.impress somebody.that document could end up missing as.never foul.even though you know you fouled and you.gave it to the right people to file do you make sure it get into the.right area.that’s the question and uh.the fact is that i don’t remember i i.don’t remember any complaint ever having.been made.well joe you’re right there because.sometimes you don’t even remember at.sometimes your wife gotta remind you’re.sitting about you’re standing behind a.podium you don’t even remember your wife.from your.your sister uh you don’t remember i can believe that you remember but.whether you remember or not has do with this can be lost to memory it doesn’t.take the fact take away the fact.that you could have assaulted this woman.whether you remember it or not.have you or your campaign have you.reached out to i have not reached out to her 27.years ago.this never happened and when she first.made the claim.we made it clear that it never happened.and.that’s as simple as that i understand.joe all he can say is it never happened.he’s gonna say that he’s not gonna say.anything different from never happened i don’t know’re talking about nah get out of here man you know me.i know joe we know joe in the past 30.minutes or so you released a statement.on medium and among other set.things you you write this there’s place a complaint of this kind national archives i am requesting.that the secretary of state.ask of the senate ask the archives to.identify.any record of the complaint she alleges.she filed.if there was any such complaint the.record will be there.are you preparing us for a complaint.that might be revealed in some way.are you confident there is nothing he’s.confident there’s what joe biden is trying to do.because most politicians are good at they’re trying to take the wheel this car.they’re trying to take it from tara reed.and they want to drive this car this.whole interview is all about that.joe is trying to tell people look.there’s only one place it can be.a complaint can be how do you know do you know there’s so many ways you.can complain about a person doing you.wrong.on the job and off the job you can start.with.archives how about capitol about just complaining to a about your own diary.record is record but just cause it’s not.there remember what i said you got.people that could be bushing up to him.that could have got it out the don’t think they can.dispel records and they can clean off.records and things like that you don’t.think they can get rid of a follower or.document things like that you got to be.kidding me.the government is known to do that that.was the whole thing about hillary.clinton’s he’s trying to tell people look.truth is and if you want to know the.truth.the truth will be in the national.archives there ain’t gonna be anywhere.else.and if you find it anyone else it’s not.true.the only place it can be is here and’s not there.then she’s lying that’s not true bruh.that’s not true whether she filed or not doesn’t mean you didn’t they’re trying to look for is.evidence.and true being a paper document of her.filing could be the evidence that she.fouled that’s doesn’t be it doesn’t mean you did doesn’t mean you didn’t do it either.i’m confident there’s nothing no one.ever brought it to the attention of me.27 years ago this is any assertion one that i’m aware of in my my senate office at the time is aware.of any such.request and uh uh or any such complaint.uh and uh and so that i i i’m not.worried about it at all.if there is a complaint that’s where it.would be that you would be filed.says who joe says who says you.i’m not aware of any complaint of sexual.allegation against me.let me tell you something.if i work at that office i say look biden got a young woman and woman who.just filed a complaint that you sexual.raster.look i don’t want to hear nothing about.that um fat look fat.don’t want to hear nothing about that.put them donuts up look.i’m trying to get you a position here in.the state me how bad you want it now’re going too far.i don’t go too far with none of these.people the other type person that thinks.b12 is real i mean not b12 but b16 you.know that organization that take people.out on scandal.we have a government that plan to take.people i believe anything i believe there’s.people working within the government for.the sole purpose of covering up the.government.when they do bad and i believe they have.them on all levels in all positions in.all he may not know about it the reason.he may not know about it is because.somebody probably didn’t tell him the reason they didn’t tell them.about it is because it can hurt cart.see understand that joe biden is one of.the most powerful men.on capitol hill and joe biden can get.joe biden can get stuff done for you want a particular position.and you kiss his behind hard enough he.will get you show that you’re loyal to him trump you show your loyalty to.trump.and people think that’s a bad bad thing.trump will show his loyalty to you.oh that’s sadistic that’s bad no that’ when you show yourself.loyal to somebody they in turn show that.they’re loyal to you’s bad and it’s loyal to your wife you don’t think.your wife gonna be sure.she should show her loyalty to you you.expect loyalty.i give it out as expected you know how.many people.who show loyalty on both sides of joe biden especially new.up-and-coming senators.especially new people who work in the.area of government when they deal with.documentation and don’t you dare take this lightly.nobody complained.i never got it nobody told me i it nobody told you.and if they did you’re going to do.whatever you can to stop you’re going whatever you shut them up it is alleged that the.clinton’s done a whole lot to shut.people is alleged they got what they call a.clinton kill list now i don’t know if.that’s true or not.but there’s a lot of people that has.been killed tied to that administration.and a lot of them got.died because they about to open their.mouth about something that will harm.their credibility or their image.a lot of them went out and i’m not.talking about the ghost gets a neat.i know i keep talking but come on man.and if it’s there.put it out but i’ve never seen it no one.has it i’m aware of.the new york times has investigated this.exhaustively they didn’t find.any of your former staff members to corroborate the details of this.allegation.she did file a police report now let’s.stop there.the new york times did an investigation.and the length of the investigation was.former workers co-workers at the place.they’re going to say the same thing that.joe was saying i didn’t know.what person who feels shame.and embarrassed that a person that she.was proud to work for.probably that she looked up to.considered him a hero.consider him a hero for women rights who.decide to violate her.own personal rights.why would she go and tell her co-workers.why heck you don’t even want to tell.your own mama you’re definitely not.going to tell your’s going to be hard for you to tell.people that here this prominent dominant powerful.senator.who is supposed to be on your side.fighting for women rights.sexually assaulted me they’re not gonna.believe her.anything they’re gonna think they’re.that she’s harming him like they right’re only doing now if anything they.would say something to.they would turn their back on her so why.would she say that why would she set.herself up to fail like that.because i know some of you people on.these different websites and stuff that lame excuse well nobody else at.the job.she didn’t tell anybody i did what an.idiot what dummy.would tell co-workers especially when.they don’t even have a close.relationship let alone a close.relationship.and we all on our jobs we all are.looking for a way to climb the corporate.ladder.why would i tell you when you may use.this very thing to stab me in the you can get a higher position.i’m not telling nobody and the new york.times did not say.that this proves that joe biden is.innocent just cause they talk to some.staffers.and if anything even if they did and.they say well i don’t think joe did that.don’t mean he didn’t do to some staffers get out of here.she would talk to she admitted this on um mean bad enough i was removed from the.position.i was fired from that position i was.placed over here.i mean they told me i had on so many.days that ruined me.and i didn’t even say nothing i was.afraid to say something because i career was over.i just took it on the chin and moved my.way up but the man told me in my face.that i’m nothing he smiled to me with.that grinning you know that smile that.she’s talking that interview it’s the same smile he.had when he talked about.these black people are going to attack.his mother that’s going to cost his.sister.that’s going to harm his children.that’s when he said they’re above.reproach.and that’s when he called them super.predators that smile on his face.i guarantee it was a smile on her his.face when he told’re nothing to me you think i’ma.let’s.take this lightly and not say nothing.about come hard down on republicans when.they get the allegation but you do.nothing with the democrats when they get.allegation.allegations allegation i don’t care.i just don’t care i don’t take a few weeks ago with the but since you want to set the why limit this only to tara reid.why not release any complaints that it.may.had been made against you during your.sonic career.i’m prepared to do that the best of my.knowledge has been no complaints made up.against me in terms of my senate and turns my office and anything.that’s been run look this is an there’s nothing for me to hide.nothing at were unequivocal mr vice president.back in 2018 during the kavanaugh.controversy.and hearings and um you said that women.should be believed you said this.for a woman to come forward in the.glaring lights of focus.nationally you’ve got to start off with.the presumption that at least the.essence.of what she is talking about is real.whether or not she forgets the facts.whether or not it’s been made worse or.better over time.she’s going to be going on national.television on sunday tara reid is.coming forward in the glaring lights to.use your words should we not start off.with the presumption.that the essence of what she’s talking.about is real.she says you sexually assaulted her.look from the very beginning i’ve said.believing women means taking the woman’s.claim seriously.when she steps forward and and then into it this is this that’s true in.this case as well.women have a right to be heard and should rigorously they make.i’ll always uphold that principle but in.the end in every case the truth is this case the truth is the claims are.false.women should be listened to no you said.women should be believed.women should be women should be believed.tara reid should be believed but.she learned how can you believe.and think she’s lying at the same time.joe you’re just not making sense you.sound like an oxy and a moron.what you it possible these claims are held you have any ndas that have women who are employed by you i have.there is no nda sign and no one’s ever.signed i’ve never asked anybody to nda there are no ndas my case none.your senate documents at the university.of delaware were supposed to go public.and then they were resealed the access.was changed.i know that you’re saying any hr.complaints could be in the national.archives.but why not reveal your tenant documents.that are.being held in delaware i know there’s.1800 plus boxes.but if if if she believes and she.alleges that the complaints may be.hidden there.why not strive for complete transparency.why was the access to those documents.sealed up when they were supposed to i want to ask the same question mika.what caused you to seal the.cell up again those documents they unsealed now they’re sealed again.what caused that to happen.why did you refuse to let them be open.and why do you believe that.those complaints won’t be in that file.either.he believes it can be in those files.he’s trying to deflect and make you.believe.the only place you can make a in the national archives who told you.that elijah.who told you that lie in the national.archives.making a complaint is not a every time she opened her mouth and.talks about you she’s complaining.she’s complaining how you fingered.excuse my language how you fingered her.and she was not.pleased she was disgusted.this situation isn’t a monica lewinsky.situation now.i thought monica lewinsky and bill.clinton at that time.bill clinton should have did what he’s.supposed to do as a married man know you see this girl that’s.infatuated it’s true and monica admit.that she was infatuated um bill clinton and you could see her eyes she was google out about know at that time bill clinton was.considered a sex symbol and a lot of.women thought he was attracted and uh.and hillary didn’t like that and bill.kind of played on that attraction i mean.that’s why we got that line of those.allegations that’s why we got.a potential son of bill clinton known as.danny williams who.this black mom was uh a woman that hung.out with bill where she took the time out to prove.because she probably would have told.somebody later on.that uh i had a relationship with bill.clinton which she did with um.what’s her name and she took that and.turned it on her it was not.monica lewinsky intention to bring bill.clinton down.just like it’s not tara reading brain was the brain joe biden down.but and oftentimes she took it as her.fault.what did i do to make this man do me.something i did when uh biden you can’t blame yourself for that.honey anytime the man still fed into it.he’s at fault especially when you didn’t.want it and according to tara reed she.didn’t want it.let me keep going well they weren’t.supposed to be revealed.i gave them the universe and said it’s going to take them.time to go through all the boxes.they said it wouldn’t be and that.wouldn’t be before 2020.that that occurred or 2020 why would.they say it wouldn’t be before 2020.if they’re going through the box to.completely go through the blocks it may.take some years but that don’t mean they.can’t go through the boxing.and um as they go through the years and.whatever they see they see they bring it.up.joe one i can’t remember the year they.said.but look a record like this can only place it would be at the u it would.not be at the university of delaware my.archives do not contain personal archives contain document and i said.that’s when i say personal.personnel files they don’t contain any.personnel files.there are public records my speeches my.papers my position papers.and if that document existed it would be.stored in the national archives where.documents from.the office she claims to have files or.complaint with.are stored that’s where they are stored.once again he’s trying to deflect everything else that can possibly.reveal keep the focus on a place that.probably could.have documents removed can you talk.about personnel files.then this is not a personal letter joe.this is a legal binding document of a.complaint.of sexual assault they’re to one area and they shouldn’ limited to one area.the senate controls those archives let’s talk about that.the senate controlled those archives.what archives.the national archive the same senate.that loves joe a republican democrat.the same senate that see joe biden as a.friend republican democrats.they control the national archives.joe biden’s running for president.he who has the ability to get rid of.that document.and shows loyalty to joe biden has be even become vice president he who.has the ability to get access to those.archives.and get rid of the information if he’ the archives has the ability to.become.biden’s vice president because joe can.pick whoever the heck he wants to be.vice president.he can pick bit bismuth desmond tutu he.can pick beetlejuice that’d be on um uh on.howard stern.he can beat the uh he can pick the iron.sheet he can pick anybody you want that’s why he’s trying to deflect us.on that national archives and nothing.else because now it’s wider range.i get one of my senate buddies they can.look into the archives for me if they.see it’s gone and i’m quite sure if it’s.there it’s already gone let me keep.going.i’m asking the secretary of the to identify whether any such.document exists if it does.make it public right but there are.that’s the national archive the’re so say that because it’s probably not.there and you’re probably deflecting to.make people think that’s the only can be joe.when it is not the only place it can and concerns and reports insider and she claims that.possibly.a complaint or some sort of record of.this.might be at the university of complete transparency why not push.for the release of.any documents with tara reid’s name on.them.whether it’s at the university of.delaware or the national archives.i applaud mikko on that.look joe you trying to stay on this.national’re trying to keep our focus over.there tyler reed said it could be.more than just that place either you’re.gonna.either unbelieve you don’t believe.terror now i want to ask you.could this information be somewhere else.and if it is.if it is joke can she reveal it.can it be revealed i think you’ll get a.little offended right here.i think joe go to the point of saying.look look fat look fat look here’s of all let’s get this straight.there we go.he’s getting upset first of all.let’s get this straight these are tools.of defense.this is his way of saying look i’m tired.of you keep asking me the same thing’re offending me makeup i’m told time.first of all let’s get this straight.let’s got something else there there personnel documents but you can’t do.that you wouldn’t for example.if you worked with me or i worked and you had income tax returns you had my.whatever.their their private well nobody’s asking.for your income tax return.we’re talking about a sexual assault.complaint it is not.private this is a.documentation that should be on file at.the police department wherever it’s.complained.i mean aware of his foul that should be.public information.documents they’re not for the they don’t.they don’t get put out in the public so.not part of the public record.that in fact is that any senator or vice.president or.president has in their documents if.the question mika asks you joe biden were sitting on trial you look like.a doggone idiot.the question i asked you joe biden.if it’s on file can you make just that.personal that personal file to the way sexual complaints and sexual.assault allegation.charges are not’s not personal because we expect.somebody investigate.and we expect somebody to be tried.not personally before a senate of your.period before.a jury of your peers.the question again jovan is.if it’s in those files just those.files that tara reid made.would you make it public now what joe is.trying to say these are personal fouls so if she.did a per.if she did and they end up in my.personal files.guess what mika you ain’t gonna know.about it.because it’s gonna be kept personal and.nobody’s gonna know about it.look there was one place that she could.file the complaint.and the plaintiff and that office at the.time was.all those records from that office archives now joe who in the hell.and who in heaven are you to try to.lecture on where somebody can file you.don’t know.that if there’s one place that person.can file and if there’s one piece of.personal.file let me calm down.if there is only one place a person can.go to file.a sexual complaint and that is where.where it get go goes to the national.archives then that’s another problem.with this should be multiple places to go file.just like there should be multiple.places to go take your cases should not be able to go to one and.everything in this world will tell you.uh if you go there they gonna know and.if you’s gonna be a backlash why because the.senate runs that right.and if it gets over to the national.archives people.who who have access to the national.archives do have the ability to joe biden.and let them know so and so putting the.complaint on you and joe biden can go.back and.confront her joe biden could fire her.joe come back.and um demote her joe biden can send another location.all because she wouldn’t give him the.goodie good.keep going man it’s got something else.trying to tell you that if a foul especially that type of.complaint.she she can only do it so who are you to.tell.her what she could only do.where she could only do it at she is the.only one can tell you what she did it can’t tell the american public that.she can why.because you didn’t you didn’t file it.she found it.and they’re controlled by the senate.that’s where personnel doc.and see just you saying they’re.controlled by the senate is a bad.problem that is not good for you to say.they’re controlled by.the senate the same people who love and.enjoy you they control those archives.really and you want to deflect this country that these these um this document.could be anywhere that tara reed is.talking no no those these documents can be.only in one’s in the place where my friends have.access to joe.joe come on brother come on think we expect your friends to in the archives if it was there.if it was there even if it was there i.don’t expect it still to be’re the vice president joe you got.friends in high have friends in every places you got.friends that want to be in places can only push.put them in so they’ll be tempted that.if they see it and they have the delete it.they’ll delete it and let you know they.delete it.and expect something in exchange so i.don’t trust you.i just don’t trust you but now the reid don’t listen to when it her filing.he can’t talk about that only she can.where the senate cynics the senate.controls that.oh joe that is so horrible he even.mentioned i wouldn’t even mention the.senate control because it smelled like a.cover-up.if it’s not there it smelled like.somebody went in there.and got rid of it just to get a perk.with you commitments would be.if they exist that’s where the complaint.would be if it exists.given the fact that you have said in the.past that if a woman goes under the.lights.and talks about something like this we.have to consider that the essence of.this is the essence of what she is saying is.real why do you think she’s doing this.i’m not going to question her motive i’m.not going to get into that at all i.don’t know.why she’s saying this i don’t know why.after 27 years all of a sudden this gets.raised.i don’t understand it but i’m not going.folks.if you hear tyree’s story you’ll know.exactly why she’s doing it.i’m quite sure joe biden heard it i’m.quite sure he heard it multiple times.he know exactly why.this is coming out blackout number one.political pressure.retaliation harassment.potential harassment from people in know she has they didn’t say this.that the new york times talked to which.she’s not going to talk to but there’s friends of hers.neighbors are hers her brother her.mother her mother went on cnn.larry king to discuss this she ain’t.even talking about that mika did not.even bring this up.nigga didn’t even bring up the video.because the video is out there.there’s her friend who likes joe biden.who’s a supporter of joe bye.who will if forced to she will pick joe.biden over trump.not me that said that she said this to.her.she had this talk to her with new york.times and go talk to them.but she’s on record on democracy now.i could have put that in there but is already too long.go to democracy now and listen to go in and question her motive i’m not.going to attack her.she has a right to say whatever she.wants to say but i have a right to say.look at the facts check it out find out.whether any of the what she says is.asserted or true.and based on the investigations that.have taken place so far to the best knowledge by.two major papers they interviewed dozens.of my staff members.not just senior staff but staff members.i’m told.newspapers can only can do.investigative reporting.they don’t investigate crimes.that’s what your local authority does so.joe.stop making it seem like they have the.power to prove innocent or guilty.because they don’t.and they never cleared you of that these.two newspaper.papers never cleared you they only said.they spoken to your staffers.and the staffers got nothing of it i.already told you only an idiot is go around complaining.on the job about their boss sexually.harassing them.just literally taking their fingers and.sticking them in their vagina yeah i.said that.unwanted very disgusted.very hurt very shocked.that a hero that she was proud to work.for.fighting for people like her people who.get assaulted.actually insulted least that’s what they said and.nobody this was not the.atmosphere in my office at all no one.has ever said anything like this.but mr vice president as it pertained to.dr ford.everyone wanted on high-level democrats.said she should be believed that they.believed it said if someone like dr ford were to.come out the essence of what.she is saying has to be believed has why i know what i say why is it.real for but not for tara reid yeah you said.that joe said.because the facts are looking she i’m.not suggesting she had no right to come.forward.and i never and i’m not saying any woman.they should come forward they should be.heard.and then it should be investigated it.should be investigated.and if there’s anything that makes it.that is consistent with what’s being.said.and she makes the case or the case is.made then it should be believed but.ultimately the truth matters.the truth matters it’s period i entire life jabon said the truth matters.when he was saying you need to stand in.a position that what she’s saying then you investigate to see if it’ two faced change to change the whole.notion of.the law and cultural sexual around the.culture around sexual assault.and i fought the strength and the.protective process for survivors.i believe it would come a long way and.we have a long way to go in this system.before.we in fact are in a position that.there’s a fair.and unbiased view but at the end of has to be looked at these claims are.not.true so let’s look at it joe.let’s look at it there’s no cooperation.i mean they’re not says you joe so it says can yell there’s no it’s not’s not true.she can yell is true it’s true the only.way we’re going to find investigate we need to have a hearing.not a newspaper.but we need to look into these.allegations now is there something that.tyree has to prove.that he did this i doubt it she only got.her testimony.she didn’t do what monica lewinsky do.yesterday between lewinsky and her.lewinsky she was infatuated by bill.clinton she wanted to be with’s just like scandal so she’s gonna.have keepsakes this lady didn’t want.this experience.joe so no she’s not gonna tell nobody on.the job.and no nobody’s gonna believe her if she.did and when she finally do they’re.gonna shun her and shape they’re doing now so stop vice president what else i can say well.uh i’m gonna try and ask many different.ways.uh stacy abrams uh said during the.kavanaugh hearing.another seller.let me say that once you know somebody.complained about.a particular leader that you favor.and you had the position when it came to.kavanaugh or any republican.that you do you need to assume that what.she’s saying is telling the truth.then you investigate to see if it’s true.well if you’re in that position.that you’re going to assume that she’s.telling the truth this moment now when we have not had.any investigation of this.that it took joe biden forever just to.address this this moment everybody who said.they’ll support joe need to pull.their endorsement back because right now.going’re making a decision to support not.only a pathological liar.a bigot and now a potential rapist.i will pull my endorsement because i.don’t want to look like and i would say.look.i know i gave joe biden my endorsement.but as of right now until this terror.reads situation.ends i rescind my endorsement’re gonna say well i know jordan you.can’t be biased in this and you can’t your relationship when it comes to.stuff like this.because you don’t really really know a.person you don’t sleep’re not around them 24 hours a day.and you’re not in their head and you.don’t see how they think.joe biden has always had a problem with.inappropriate toe touching.this one is on another level and there’s.plenty of women to tell you he but not many people.willing to come forth and say.he um assaulted me physically he took.his hands and fingered me he grabbed my.breast.he grabbed my behind now don’t get me.wrong i like all three of these things.but i’m not going to violate you to if anything you’re going to put my.hand.on i’m not selling myself out to do could be fine as a mug but i’m not.going to be pushing it you can be.i can sense that you’re into me but i’m.not just going to aggressively push.myself up.up to you and stick my fingers in you.grab your butt or try to kiss you if anything i ain’t going to do.nothing until you grab me first.let me stop just a serious situation.though but that’s how i feel.i mean you grab me i grab you back girl.but you got to grab me first i’m not.grabbing you.i don’t want to be caught up in the me.too movement.uh i want to be in the youtube movement.should be supported and the voice is.heard.kirsten gillibrand tweeted do we believe.women do we give them the opportunity to.tell their story.we must be a country that says yes every.time.they now both support you nancy pelosi.falls into this category well as many other leaders in the.democratic party are women believed are women to be believed.unless it pertains to you look.women are to be believed given the.benefit of the doubt.if they come forward and say something.that is ex.that they said happened to them they.should start off with the presumption.they’re telling the truth.then you have to look at the.circumstances and the facts.and the facts so joe let’s start out.believing that she’s telling the truth.then.let’s go through a real investigation.not by people from the senate.not people from the republican not.people from the democratic party but.let’s get real deal investigators to.look into the case.because you can’t say this didn’t happen.she can see this could say it didn’t happen but that.don’t mean it didn’t this case do not exist they never.happened.and there’s so many inconsistencies in.what has been said in this joe biden what inconsistencies have.been said she’d been rock solid and.right on it when it came to her.experience with you she has witnesses.from family members her mother friends she probably would have told.some co-workers but.why would you tell co-workers about.something that your boss did that’s.that’s a big no-no that’s a big no-no.oh we’re just gonna depend on their.testimony scent all they can say is.she never told me she can’t say that ain’t true they can’t say it ain’t.true.all they can say well i i never heard.nothing from it but the other ones on.her side which she do have witnesses and.they’re not.changing the story the story is the same.they can say yeah she told me about that.yeah yeah she told me about got one person that support joe.biden.and she even said yes she told me that.just look at the facts.and i assure you it did not happen.period period.but why is it different sounds just like.bill clinton.print now do you regret what you said.during the kavanaugh hearings.what i said during the kavanagh hearings.was that she had a right to be heard.and the fact that she came forward the.presumption would be.she’s telling the truth.all right let’s see what joe biden say about kevin o’hare i think they.should do an fbi investigation we did.that for anita hill.took two days number one and number two.most importantly.anita hill was vilified when she came.forward by a lot of my colleagues.character assassination i wish i could.have done more to prevent those.questions the way they asked is appropriate to ask professor hill.anything any member wishes to ask plumb the depths of her credibility.i hope my colleagues learned from that.learn from that she.deserves to be treated with dignity it.takes enormous courage for a woman to.come forward.and the bright lights of millions of.people watching and relive.something that happened to her assert.that something happened to her and she.should be treated with brought up anita hill you were.chairman of the judiciary committee 1991 you were roundly criticized for.not doing more during that hearing.looking back on that specifically how.would you advise senators to week and how do you balance um.the rights of of a woman who’s making.accusations like this versus the.presumption.that a person is innocent until proven.guilty well i think the presumption.should exist but what should happen is.the woman should be given the benefit of.the doubt and not be.not be you know abused the system my biggest regret was i.didn’t know how i could shut you off were a senator and you were.attacking nina hill’s is appropriate to ask professor hill.anything any member wishes to ask plumb the depths of her credibility.under the senate rules i can’t gavel you.down and say you can’t ask that question.although i tried and so what happened.was she got victimized again during.during the process and i believed her.when she came forward encouraged her to.come forward we were in a position where.we got the fbi to do an investigation.and i voted against clarence thomas he.only got seven votes he got seven yes.and seven no’s it was a tie vote in the.committee.but i hope that they understand what.courage it takes for someone to come.forward and relive what they led.they believe happened to them and let.them state it but treat her with respect.ask tough questions ask substantive.questions where were you what’s.who said what etc but don’t go after the.character.not the character assassinations it’s.important that.the people understand and i think now.understand how hard it is to come.forward.and i always say to men they say why so.hard how about if you’ve been abused you.see the movie deliverance how about were the guy who was strapped to the.tree would you come forward.would you want to relive that i’m.serious i’m deadly earnest.but the point is don’t think joe a um.uh hero to anita hill joe biden was in.charge of that.senate committee you know by a lot he need to find some way to get a.little eyes on him.he was in the middle in the forefront of.this go look at the videos in the.his eyes gazing eyes glazing when we’re.talking about this subject.without consent is considered a crime.your words.unless it’s proof she wasn’t telling the.truth.they’re not proved unless it’s clear for.the facts surrounding it it’s not we look this is a very i’m sorry.go ahead please no no as we await for.the records from the national archives.are you absolutely certain are you.absolutely positive there is no record.of any tara reid against you.all right now you notice you put as we.wait for the the national archives so they gonna.put this whole.thing on whether it’s in the national.archives and if it’s not she’s in us.he’s no no mika no no no ain’t going down like that because.we’re going to shame you even worse.because we’re going to demand.investigation on the possibility that it.could have been removed.we’re going to also want to look at.those files at this um at um of delaware.because if she said it could be there.then we need to follow her lead.because it’s either we going to joe we’re going to believe taryn in.this case you already told us that we.need to believe wherever tara goes we need to go to.doing an investigation and if there’s.nothing there.this still don’t mean that you didn’t do.this brah still doesn’t mean it.absolutely positive that no one that i’m.aware of.ever has been made aware of any.complaint.a formal complaint made by or tara reid against me at the time this.allegedly happened 27 years ago.or until the i announced for pret was i guess it was in april or may of.this it sounded like mika’s getting.frustrated bottom line joe you’re still.trying to bring this about you and nothing to do with you and your.staff nothing there’s no reason for come to you to talk about it there’ reason for her to go to the staff.about it.there’s every reason to go to the.authorities about it but even then she.held you as a man of respect at that.time she looked up to you she was work in the can get confusing you can get.confused for years before you finally.step up to say something.i know of no one who’s aware that any.complaint.was made you don’t know but if you.listen and i know you’ll find out there are other people.who were.when she made complaints she other people don’t necessarily be your don’t go around telling everybody.that and i’m definitely not gonna go.around telling people that’s close happened so they can tell you you.don’t supposed to know about me.telling people you only suppose about me.know about me telling the they can do something about you but.because i had so much respect for you.i’m trying my best to figure out how i.can do when i put myself in a um.bad position i’ve got two more questions.the first okay please go ahead the a bachelor university of you agree with the reporting that.those records were supposed to be.revealed to the public.and then they were resealed for a longer.period of time until after you leave.quote public i think um mika is doing a good job.on this.because she’s putting it on other things.all right for the front of this camera in front of what about that report the what about the delaware records let’s.get off this national archives.because it might not be there one of.your boys working in the center probably.threw it out so let’s get out there a second place where these.archives can be there because all of a.sudden you close they were closed opened it for a you’re closing it back at a time.when you got an allegation and.we feel that that could be in those.archives let’s listen to joe.and if you agree with that if that’s.what happened why did that happen.because look the fact is that there’s a.lot of things.that of speeches i’ve doesn’t mean it’s.a fact.made positions i’ve taken interviews.that.that i did overseas with people all of.those things relating to my job.and the idea that they would all be made.public in the fact while.i was running for public office they.could be really taken out of context.their papers are position papers.they are document joe we’re not asking.about your documents and your papers or.nothing like that.she’s talking about looking for that.particular document.from tara reid we’re not talking about.your freaking speeches.we’re not talking about your political.positions we’re not talking about taking.something that you said out of context.we’re talking about a document that was.filed.about you sexually assaulting somebody.stop playing with our intelligence stop.thinking we’re dumb idiots.and stop trying to promise it existed.and and uh that that when i for example.when i go when i met with putin or when.i met with whomever.and all of that to be fodder in this time i don’t know of anybody.who’s done anything like that.nobody’s asking to do all that in the.campaign joe what are you getting this.stuff from.we just want to know could these documents being those archives we.don’t want to look at all your archives.we just want to find that document document and you’re trying to.deflect us from not looking.using the other personal documents as.excuse to keep us from looking.into your files it ain’t gonna work bro.and so.the national archives is the only place.there would be anything having to do.with personnel the national archives is the you want us to look.there are no personnel records in the.biden papers at the university.sexual assault allegation is not.the only it’s not only labeled as a.personal uh personnel records aside are you.certain there was nothing about tara.reid in those records.and if so i’m absolutely sure why not.why not approve a search.of her name in those records yeah joe.why not approve.of a search of her name in those records.we’re not talking about nobody else.we’re talking about just her name.and whatever documents that she could.have in those records.stop trying to deflect us on the.national archives that it probably got.thrown.out anyway because of your buddies in.the senate.and let’s talk about the universe of.delaware.and that particular document from tara.reid.that could be in those documents you may.think that they’re not there.but they could be there a true.look at the silly look on his face prove.a search.of her name in those records.approve a search of her name yes and.reveal anything that might be related to.tara reid in the university of know what you’re talking about joe.stop he.he he’s he’s he’s squirming right now.there is nothing.they wouldn’t they’re not there and do you know joe have you went.through all those documents don’t know you should assume that.there’s there.and do a search but because you don’t.want to assume they’re’re you think they’re really there.and you’re trying to deflect people from.looking over know.the point you’re trying to make the.point she’s trying to when you file a complaint of trying to make it seem like there’ place you can that those papers there’s really multiple places it.can go to it don’t can go it’s up to tara’s up to tara reid.stop trying to make people think place we can get those papers from.when there’s really multiple places you.can get them from.the point there are no personnel definition.the point i’m trying to make is that you.are approving and.actually calling for a search of the.national archives.records of anything pertaining to tara.reid i’m asking.why not do the same in the university of.delaware records which have raised.questions because they were supposed to the public and then they.were sealed for a longer period of time.and i say the same thing why not open any source.that could have a complaint against you.even beyond.the university of delaware records.why not open up open sesame he don’t want might find more than tara reed.allegation in here why not do it for.both.sets of records why not do it.mika for any place where a record filed.any place because.the material in the university of.delaware has no personnel files and has.but it does have a lot of confidential.conversations that i had with the.president about.a particular issue that i had with the.heads of state of other places.that and those documents could be one of those confidential documents.but you can’t see it because it’s.confidential.that would not be something that revealed.while i was in public office or while i.was seeking public just stands the reason the best of my.knowledge no one else has done that.either.i’m just talking about her name not.anybody those records a search for that.look at him.this y’all guy nothing classified the.president or anybody else.i’m just asking why not do a search for.tara reed’s the university of delaware records.look i mean who who who does that you said the fbi as you said in the.previous video with your wife and craig.melvin.the fbi but you don’t want the fbi to do.that because you think.that bi is one of trump’s organization.that they’re loyal to trump so was the.fbi.loyal to barack obama.the university of delaware uh up a commission that can do it i.don’t know the fairest way to create the most.transparency you don’t want to do that.well this is look.mika she said she filed a report.she has her employment record still she.said she refiled a report.with the only office that would have never said that she never said she.filed her report with the only office to.have her report she never said that.joe is about to lie on this lady in the.united states senate at the time.if the report was ever filed it was.filed there.period there you go trying to tell.people.something that he wants you to buy he’s.trying to sell you into op and.into believing that the only way she can.file a report against in the senate office when it’s not.the only place she can file a report.if you could speak directly to tara reid.about her claims.or anything what would you say i would.never ever happened i don’t know what is.motivating her.i don’t know what i don’t know what’s.behind any of it.but it’s irrelevant it never never happened i’ve been accused of.having sex with a girl i did not with before let me tell you.something.that shit is infuriating you ever go.through know it’ll make you crazy your best friends i didn’t touch that.bitch nigga i’ll kill you.fuck you nigga i kill you please please.believe me that’s joe biden trying to.dominate her mind again.because that’s something you tell.somebody when you assault them.and they don’t go right you say this.period.i’m not going to start questioning never happened.understand that what we just did never happened let me add this.if you want to keep your job and.continue to work here on capitol hill.and possibly make something this never happened.matter of fact and with that’re nothing to me her her motive i’m.not going to get into that i’m not start.i’m not going to go after tara reed for.saying these’s simple what are the facts do any of.the things she said do they add up.they all add up joe and she got.witnesses to say.they add up my question is what do subtract from that fact.not a doggone thing it never happened.please believe me please believe me don’t have to wait on him to pull up.any information that’s what investigator.reportings are for.[Music].because he’s gonna blow you off so of.course he’s gonna.deny that he raped her or denied that he.used his fingers on or denied.assaulting her in a hallway or denied of.course i.she’s lying it never happened but tara.reid didn’t want.this she just brought the gym bag to.your office.and then all of a sudden in one big.swoop.that happened so of course joe biden’s.going to deny the allegation.but once the investigation is done go back on tv and say yeah i did.have sexual relationship.with that woman lewinsky.and then now you’re lying and now.there’s an investigation and you are.heading toward impeachment.but the thing is joe biden is not.president.[Music].and joe biden is trying to deflect this.from the national archives.from the state records from from the of delaware records and from.the state records.he’s trying to deflect depth and keep it.focused on.the us records now here’s the deal folks.and this is probably what’s going to.happen.or what already happened because.of power because.of favor and power.and possibly money and possibly position.and possibly prestige the person who.following it as soon as you walk out could rip rip it they can remove it.from the records.let them dig more we don’t need no hack.reporters like new york times.who said that we didn’t have to corroborate.of course you’re not going to to corroborate because what.dumb idiot.go around and talk to their co-workers.about their boss um um.pressing them against the wall and.sticking their fingers in them.nobody’s gonna tell you that heck if.if you were into your boss and you liked.that you might not tell your co-workers.but she didn’t like it she was shocked.and it kind of.and then she started to blame herself.[Music].i want y’all to go back and watch about is joe biden the real super.predator i got a video there called.joe biden a real super predator and it.goes through joe biden’s speeches.on this very subject and how he say.anytime you do something is a crime and according to her.he did something that he she didn’t want.and it’s a crime.[Music].and all the reason that people are.trying to cover up the only reason.people trying to blow this thing off is.cause they’re so afraid of trump.and i get it that we’ll take the lesser.of the rapists.we’ll take the lesser of the big we’ll.take the racist bigot pathological lie.clearly joe.joe bow was lying through this whole.time you can tell when he’s.lying he was lying through this whole.through his teeth.[Music].just like trump you could tell trump.line trump lie like a persian rug.and so do your body.see i can’t take sides when it comes to.stuff like this because these are.serious.issues you talk about two pathological.lying.bigot rapist politicians running for the.presidency.our office that’s supposed to be of.honor integrity.that we should be putting honor and.integrity in that office but we do the less of the evil.bottom line evil and look at what us we got two people.with two both of them got rape.allegations both of them.have done bigoted things in their lives.both are my pathological can’t count the lies that come out.of both a mouth one got a frown and look.evil.and one gotta smile and look like he.could be your best friend which one trust i don’t trust either one of.them i definitely ain’t trusting the one.with the smile.[Music].i trust the one that had the black.president that um work with him.that’s that’s that’s even more scary.that’s even more worse.they call them frenemies seem like your.friend.but they’re really your enemies.this thing ain’t over.joe biden himself should be saying i.don’t know why.he shouldn’t be saying i don’t know why.she would say this it’s a didn’t happen i don’t know why i.don’t want her motives i’m not gonna.shame her.because i put some words out that i eat i don’t know should be saying if hey let’s have a.full investigation.let’s make it nonpartisan let’s get involved wait we can’t get that being.i’m bob.because they’re supposed to be partisan.but the head of the fbi likes trump so.of course he’s gonna find something.well let’s get an independent.investigator.but usually when you say let’s get an.independent investigator it’s usually.somebody that you.pick.[Music].bottom line is.democratic party you got to make a.decision right now.this is in your court the ball is in.your court.[Music].you got a candidate running for office.that is a pathological liar a bigot by.record and races by record.who loves to work with racists like.eastland and all them boys and they call.them dad they call them son.don’t apologize for that racist bill the.crime bill that and.that that introduced to america.21st century slavery and 21st century.jim got a decision you say you want it’s simple joe got to step down.and you can’t put nobody else in enough on his hand that.crooked politician you definitely don’t.need him.because he’s not going to get nowhere.with with a lot of know what you got to do you know.what you got to do but you don’t want it.and i got my issues with bernie sanders.believe me i got my issues with bernie.sanders.especially with that crime bill.especially when it comes to reparation.i got my issues with him but you know.this is one thing i can say about least he tell the truth you may it but he’ll tell the truth.he’ll keep his word that’s why he keep.kissing but that’s why he working with.the democratic party right now and you.yourself bernie sanders you need to.rescind your endorsement.and the rest of you numbing up.politicians who endorsed your body you.need to resend your ought to be ashamed of yourself.stacy ought to be shaming yourself ought to be shaming yourself cory.booker.elizabeth warren hillary clinton.i can go on and on.[Music].amy carmichael’s a shame anyway.the core booking.[Music].everybody who supported joe biden.endorsed joe biden.real quick and real early you do this is.why you wait on that invoice.don’t just wait because somebody to call less and endorse him.because you want to keep your position.because somebody have power to make big.moves for you.[Music].each and every one of you guys need to.rescind the endorsement until there’s an.investigation.once the investigation is over and found.innocent because even though he said.women me too movement said women believed.uh first and then um proven other words innocent to prove proven.guilty.what about the person who’s been um.because i believe innocent to program.guilty you know i believe joe biden should have.this day in.invest this thing should be investigated.i believe it.i believe joe biden and um tariq.there need to be investigation until.then you don’t get to run for president.until then you don’t get to hold a.political office and if you find a rapist then whatever that mental.honor that.barack obama gave you need to be.snatched off your neck.[Music].i had a brother get on on on on.facebook with me and he’s going to get.mad because they’re called clyde marina.coon.uh uh uh uncle tom and i called um.uh john lewis uncle tom you’re gonna get.mad at me.who are you called these icons.of black history uh coon ain’t got.nothing to do with whether there was.icon back then.yeah i agree john lewis was a civil.right icon.[Music].i don’t know what iconic james clyburn.did but let’s give him credit and say he.wasn’t so right i climbed.well this these two need to recognize they’re they are only on their cons today take the o and put another o behind.that other the um khan and you got coon they’re.selling you out every day.james clyburn endorsed joe biden and people to vote for um um push vote for joe if he was a freaking piper himself.with nothing exchanged for black i say the same.for jesse jackson uh and bernie sanders.but i can say bernie sanders have some.great things in this platform but he.need to have some specifics for blacks.but all i know and i’m ending right here.[Music].this lesser two evil started with me a.long time ago.i will always vote for integrity and.honor.and the ability to push policies.and your policies that you’re running on.those are the things i vote on i about.who you’ve been with i don’t care.where what party you in i don’t care.where you’re from i don’t care what.color i don’t care about your sex.i just care about are you a person you work on are you a person of your legislation passed.supportive of lifting up the american.people of all colors.especially black people.if not i ain’t voting for you.and here’s one thing i know for sure.i in most of america.unless they’re sick in their dog on mine.should be voting for either of this.path of these pathological liars.racist bigot.[Music].rapists.
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