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My fourth final for VCE Art was my film, entitled: A Voyeur’s Glance. My video encompasses webs of overlapping and interpenetrating narratives between the three protagonists- (I) Kasumi, (II) Elliott and (III) Nicole. I wanted to express the notions of estrangement i had previously been exploring in my folio, through a moving image of people, focusing on small changes in facial expression as a better means of conveying these emotions of dejection and confinement. My film critiques both the society my characters live in and as an extension of that-the viewer. With rates of depression and anxiety rising higher in Australia each year in young people (tending towards females more, hence why the ratio of characters in my film is 2:1 to females) each of the characters share the sentiment that they are constricted by the lives they lead and use any means- for Kasumi: sex is an escapism, Elliott: drugs and Nicole: the secret thrill in living a façade, the pretense of happiness. I have chosen very implicit references to these forms of escapism because depression and other mental illnesses are often hard to detect in people, it could be lurking within those whom you least expect which is why each frame focuses on minute variations in facial expressions which places the responsibility of helping them, onto the viewer.
A Voyeur's Glance

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