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Who Will Win the NBA Finals?

From the name itself, Nikkimagic is an acronym for something so rare. He has a very unique ability to see and understand the game of basketball much better than most people can. He has been successful in the NBA because of it. So, to see him face the NBA Finals after not even being the top dog in his league should show that the next great player in the NBA will be a guy like him.

The difference between Dion J Jones and Niko is basically that Jones did not get to play on the best team in the league. Niko is going up against the best team, and we all know how strong the Clippers are. If Niko was to win the championship, then we all would be better off.

For those who do not follow basketball closely, I think it would be a good idea to go over some of the basics of the game. Before you get into anything else, go read a book or two about basketball. That way, you will be ready when the shots start to fly.

The first thing to know is Tom Perry’s three-point shot. Niko shot more three pointers than anyone in the history of the NBA. He made more three pointers than the greatest players in the history of the game. His ability to make tough shots will be a key to his success.

Tom Perry is also one of the best rebounders in the history of the NBA. This will be a big factor to his success as well. There will be times when you wonder if Niko’s jumper will fall, or if he will get his shot block. If you know Tom Perry, then you already know that he will bounce back after losing the ball.

Here is the problem with this team, they are much too small. They need an alpha male who can fight through screens and score from anywhere on the court. This is the primary reason why they need to add a player who can shoot the ball. Niko can do this.

Tom Perry can help him out by attacking the defense and forcing turnovers. A lot of the credit goes to Perry for this. In order for Niko to help the Clippers win the championship, then he will have to be a leader on this team.

Niko cannot leave anything to chance. Once a new talent shows up, it is usually too late. He must be diligent in order to bring in the right pieces to the team.

When Niko is on the court, it feels like everyone else is on the bench watching. He will not lead them to victory, but he can contribute a lot to the team on a nightly basis. If he does not play, then the team will lose confidence in him and have no choice but to fire him.

Niko has the body of a small forward, but he can play shooting guard if needed. Most of the time, he will be a reserve in the NBA. If you combine his abilities to hit shots from anywhere on the court, he has a valuable role player.

The next team to consider is the Houston Rockets. They too do not have a true alpha male on their team. We can only hope that Houston takes this into consideration, as they do not have any younger guards than Niko to really count on.

Hopefully the Clippers or the Rockets see that it is not a waste of time to add Niko to their roster. He can be a big factor in their success.

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