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veyuer villa

Veyuer Villas – Phuket

My husband and I were attracted to the Veyuer Villas located in Phuket. We went on a holiday tour to Phuket and you can find more information about the villa. Although we were planning to stay for a longer period of time, we can say that we fell in love with the resort as soon as we started to explore it.

The property that we wanted to stay was the one that was near the Village of Veyuer. The villa was attached with the Spa of Veyuer. This particular location has an all-inclusive facility where the guests could get a service from the pool area to the dining room.

The villa is equipped with all the facilities that will be needed for any kind of accommodation facility. The only disadvantage with the villa is that it is a bit difficult to get inside the villa due to the height. It was really difficult for me to see the rooms without climbing the stairs and vice versa.

The tropical gardens are situated on the roof and they are quite interesting and beautiful. They contain the stone statues which were originally made by the local Peruvians. On the other hand, the villa can also be used for events such as weddings and birthday parties.

The resort has a different kind of ambiance. It was quite different from the usual Thai beach resort. There are some condos that are placed right near the beach which is perfect for relaxing. The villa also contains water sports such as swimming.

The vacation villa is equipped with several full service restaurants. Guests who are lucky enough can try the local delicacies or the international cuisine if they are staying in the guesthouse. These are the basic facilities that every luxury villa must have.

The rooms are given new designs and some of them are white in color. The colors of the environment used in the villa have been found from the native plants that are grown in the area. The outdoor hot tubs were situated near the pool area, so that you will be able to enjoy your whole day to the fullest.

The luxury villa has friendly service staff. The staffs would often come and visit us so that they could know us better. During our stay, we also received the best reception service. The staffs are willing to provide their services because they want to help us in having a good time during our stay.

The service is also provided with the hotel facilities. The staffs would also deliver the hot and cold drinks to our room. I guess that this is what we need from the owners as they were very careful in their delivery of the necessary things.

It was fun to be in the villa as we were spending our vacation with our friends and loved ones. It is definitely a place that we should return to again. It was the right time to buy the villa.

You will be able to rent a villa on the back yard for you and your family. There are several villas in Phuket but some are located on the beach and others in the hills. If you wish to see the beauty of the nature with your own eyes, then you should go for the villa located on the hill.

The entire villa is surrounded by the palm trees and the mountains. I guess that we will never forget our vacation and never forget the villa in Phuket.

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